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On this episode, Everyone at Cyprus Rhodes is preparing for Mardi Gras blowouts, except for Casey. She must prepare for the LSAT.

Now that Rusty and Dana are working together, they're pretty much over their awkward phase, and he can talk to her about dating other girls. Rusty introduces Dana to Katherine, and she gives her approval. When Rusty tells his brothers he plans to bring Katherine to the KT Mardi Gras Spectacular, he hears only crickets. Cappie explains that the whole point of Mardi Gras is to get girls to show their boobs, and Katherine is not the Mardi Gras type.

Or so he thought. Katherine later shows up at Rusty's lab and asks for a little privacy. She very blatantly offers Rusty her V-card, and wants to have sex that night! This news changes Cappie's mind entirely - Katherine has changed from the anti-Mardi Gras to the Mardi Gras "sure thing," and he applauds Rusty for this accomplishment. Rusty is uncertain if he wants to be her first, but Cappie encourages him by explaining that she'll have no basis for comparison and thus, he can't lose! Casey counters that logic explaining that Katherine no doubt has endless expectations that Rusty can never live up to!

Ashleigh was looking forward to hanging out with her new squeeze Pete, but he's staying on in Chicago to celebrate Mardi Gras after a lacrosse game. She looks to Casey for boy advice, since she's bummed out he's not coming home, but she doesn't want to look too needy at the same time. Casey is helpful and Ashleigh tries to give Casey some calming words to help her relax about her upcoming LSAT.

The advice doesn't help. Everyone is telling Casey not to freak out, and that's exactly what she wants to do. Which is why it's refreshing when Joel tells her that her feelings are totally legit.

When Casey is buckling down to study, Cappie's party preparation is a stark contrast. When gathering her things off Cappie's desk, she notices the major declaration form - still blank! He had told her that he had completed the form, but it's clear that he lied to her. But she doesn't understand why? And these thoughts are plaguing here all throughout her LSAt exam.

After the LSAT, Casey meets up with Joel, who brought her some cookies and scotch. She was supposed to meet Cappie at the party, but decides to hang out with Joel for a little bit. They spend the evening talking on a park bench, and ultimately, Joel makes a move. Casey stops him, but she almost doesn't. And he asks a really important question of her: why wouldn't she just tell him she had a boyfriend?

Back at the KT party, Rusty asks Katherine about her wildest fantasy. It turns out her girlhood dreams involved Al Gore - which only encourages Rusty further. He tells Dana that he's going to hook up with Katherine tonight, and Dana is appalled. Rusty starts to second guess himself and his moral character. He asks Dana why she even cares and she tells him that she still has feelings for him - isn't it obvious? She storms away just as Katherine tells him it's go time!

Katherine comes out in a dress shirt, a hint she picked up from watching 9 1/2 weeks and she does a "sexy" little curtsy for Rusty. She says aloud that she's so glad to be finally getting this over with. And it's at that moment that Rusty decides he doesn't want to be that guy.

Meanwhile, all the Omega Chis are planning on hitting up Dobblers' for the Mardi Gras celebration, but the CRU gay crowd will be partying at none other than Gentleman's Choice (the other one). Grant was asked to bartend there and offered $500 for the night, but turned it down to celebrate his "first gay holiday" with his boyfriend. But Calvin sees this as a great opportunity for Evan to make some extra cash, since he had to pawn his laptop to pay for Rebecca's necklace.

At the bar, Evan isn't doing very well on tips - until he takes his shirt off, that is. He told Rebecca that he couldn't make it to the Dobbler's party that night because he had a last minute medical conference. The problem is that Rebecca and Ashleigh showed up at Gentlemen's Choice. Before Evan could even be spotted, he spotted Rebecca making out with the one other straight guy in the club.

In an alley outside the bar, Evan confronts Rebecca about her behavior. He tells her he wants to be exclusive with her and realizes she doesn't feel the same way, or at least she hasn't been exclusive with him so far. He knows deep down though that she has real feelings for him and is putting up these defenses to protect herself. He calls her heartless and storms off.

Casey finally makes it to the KT party and she confronts Cappie about lying to her about the major declaration form. Cappie says he's just not ready to graduate. Casey tells him that she almost kissed Joel. She just wants to know if they have a future together, and Cappie just can't provide her with any answers. Resigned to the stalemate, Casey leaves the party to sleep alone that night...

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Greek Season 3 Episode 17 Quotes

Calvin: What would you say if I told you I knew of a way for you to make a whole lot of money for one night's work?
Evan: I'd say you want to harvest my organs.
Calvin: No, Gentleman's Choice needs a little extra help tonight.
Evan: Oh, you want to harvest THAT organ.

No expectations? Are you two crazy? She's had 21 years to build up her expectations! And she's not some normal girl who only learns about sex from teen vampire movies. We're talking about Katherine. You're competing with Robert Pattinson AND Lady Chaterlee's Lover.


Greek Season 3 Episode 17 Music

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