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In "The Dork Knight," Rusty and Dale try to move on in their love lives after recent changes, Ashley and Fisher work on getting their groove back, and Casey snoops around to figure out whether Evan and Cappie are really friends afterall.


Rusty and Jordan have officially broken up - the long distance relationship just wasn't practical for them. However, they're continuing to talk over video chat. Rusty feels threatened by the new friendships she is making in New York, particularly with any male friends, which is totally understandable. Calvin wants to help him move on and suggests that he, Rusty, and Dale all go out to meet some girls. Dale decides to mix it up in his life and try meeting some girls in RL (real life), since he's been hitting the internet chat rooms pretty hard lately. 


The unlikely trio hit the bar scene and fail miserably. They appropriate change their game plan once Dale's internet crush, Vammpira69, offers to meet him in person at the Comic Book Convention (Com-Con) in Cincinnati. One might think they'd have more success picking up chicks at the Com-Con, but no. Rusty initially hits it off with a painted-green red-head, but his flirting quickly devolves into inappropriate assumptions about the future of their relationship together - that's enough to even scare a wannabe alien-girl away. Dale meets up with Vampira69, who turns out to be his ex-girlfriend and landlord Sheila! She thinks maybe this means they're meant to be together, but he's not necessarily on the same page.


Rusty realizes that he only wants to be with Jordan. He roams around Com-Con looking for a computer and hooks up to the video chat software. He gets Jordan online and confesses that he wants to make it work. She tells him that she doesn't want to be in a relationship with her computer. This comment is met with what sounds like a canned audience "awww." It turns out that Rusty was using a computer that projected into a screening room full of people! He also angered the guest speaker who was simultaneously video-conferencing in. Oops!


It's official: Rusty is single. And we know it's official because he changed his facebook status to single. Surprisingly, Dale also changes his facebook status, but to "in a relationship." Not with Sheila, or with any other mortal being for that matter, but with God. Ohhhh Dale!


Meanwhile, Ashley and Fisher are back in business as a couple after the whole making-out-with-Rebecca fiasco. However, things aren't as easy as they used to be. The couple is totally out of sync and they just ooze awkwardness of a first-date, rather than the expected facility of communication in a seasoned couple. The two of them are so focused on not hurting each other, that they're pretending to be something they're not - but once they acknowledge this, things seem to get better. Fisher vows that the new Ashley and Fisher (Fishley maybe?) will be even better than the old Ashley and Fisher.


Casey Cartwright focuses all of her energy in this episode on figuring out what is going on between Evan and Cappie. The boys know that she's trying to get information from them and try to figure out a plan to keep her inquisition in check - they can't let her know that they're in a secret society together! 


Casey meets with Cappie, claiming she knows all about him and Evan. The guys stage a meeting, where Cappie antagonizes Evan by acting all super friendly and spouting off about them being a superhero team, and Evan acts as if he still hates Cappie. Then they throw down, in a very carefully choreographed fight. However, Beaver sees the scene, and not knowing the situation, jumps into assist Cappie - and THEN it turns into a full on brawl between the Omega Chi and the Kappa Tau brothers. 


This was definitely enough to convince Casey that she imagined the whole Evan-Cappie friendship. However, over a beer at Dobbler's Cappie says some permutation of a trite expression that Evan had been saying all week, which raises her suspicions again. She's back on the case.


After a failed attempt to listen in to chatter in the Kappa Tau house (via a rigged fruit basket), Casey decides to follow Cappie, leading her directly to the underground Amphora Society lair. Evan and Cappie have no time to explain to Casey what is going on here, and in a panic, they hide her in a closet before the other group members come in. However, this particular closet happens to house the ancestral ashes needed for the night's ceremony, and Casey is exposed. It's unclear what the consequences of this breach will be! The leaders says that both Evan and Cappie need to be banished and there is talk of a sacrifice! Since Casey is the first intruder in the history of Amphora, the leaders decide they are impressed with her skills and offer her membership in the secret society.  


First, she has to perform the emotional purge, to share all of her secrets. This includes revealing to Cappie that Evan told her about the end of the world party, and how Evan had convinced Cappie to stay away from Casey. Cappie is not pleased. Casey can see that once again, she has thrown a wrench into a healing friendship. She decides that Amphora is not the place for her, and is given release (without sacrifice) since they now have dirt on her that can be used against her should she speak about Amphora to anyone. Although things can never be the same as they once were, Casey is somewhat relieved to know that her friendships with Evan and Cappie are back on the right track.

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Greek Season 3 Episode 7 Quotes

I was clinging to this notion of me as a sexy atheist supervillain, but that's not me! I mean, I'm sexy! But I'm not atheist and I'm not a supervillain. I'm Dale Kettlewell.


Fisher: You can't cook! Legwarmers are not gloves. And during Clueless, I literally gagged twice and pretended I had popcorn stuck in my throat.
Casey: That was way harsh, Fisher.