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It's Thankgiving break! But conveniently all of our favorite CRU students are stuck around campus this weekend, making for some awesome drama.

Casey thought she was going home - she probably should have listened to those voicemails from mom and dad telling her they were going on vacation without them. Casey was looking forward to going home, though - not to see her parents or anything - but to hook up with an old boyfriend because she's desperate to break this dry spell! So it looks like she'll be spending Thankgiving with Rusty and Dale instead.

There are a few other stragglers too. Rebecca ends up back at the ZBZ house because her flight was cancelled, or so she says. It turns out she couldn't deal with family drama for four days. Cappie and Evan are also staying on campus. Evan doesn't think he'll receive a warm welcome at home, and Cappie's parents just don't do Thanksgiving apparently.

Evan and Cappie make plans to go golfing on Thanksgiving day, even though Cappie has a longstanding tradition of participating in the Kappa Tau Turkey Hunt, where the brothers follow clues to a hidden turkey. Fortunately, Evan is running late, and Cappie can help the brothers who are absolutely "clueless" when it comes to figuring out the hints. The clues bring them all the way to the Omega Chi house - when the brothers want to pull some pranks, Cappie has to put the kabash on those plans - and the brothers question his motives...

Meanwhile, Casey and Rebecca attempt to perform some acts of charity - Casey criticizes Rebecca for offering money before her time. But when they show up to help out Moveable Feast, an organization that delivers food to elderly, the volunteer organizer ridicules them for volunteering on Thanksgiving with everyone else, and reminds them that there are 364 other days a year where people need help. After she chastises them, she warmly welcomes Rebecca's $10k check.

Rusty and Dale are spending the weekend working on their physics projects - they're facing a Monday deadline to submit applications to a prestigious grant. Dale's work had been more promising, but then Rusty had a major insight into his own project, and began to move ahead. Dale gets jealous, and in his efforts to thwart Rusty's progress, his own project goes up in flames - literaly - they're working with some pretty unstable materials here. And it looks like Dale's project may not be ready for the deadline now.

Dale is extremely stressed about the physics project, and he's supposed to preparing a full Thanksgiving dinner, which is stressful in and of itself. When Rusty inadvertently added cranberries to a recipe where they didn't belong, the camel's back was broken - and Dale cancelled the Thanksgiving dinner.

Still in the spirit of charity, Casey decides to move the dinner to the empty ZBZ house and she invites all the vagrants remaining on campus for the weekend. At the dinner, Casey repeatedly tries to get Evan to invite Cappie over. Rebecca's behavior indicates that she's into Evan again. However Evan seems to be into Casey!

When the two are alone in her room, he almost makes a move on her - she confesses that she's interested in more than just a booty call and has to explicitly make it clear to him that she's not interested in him.

Rusty and Dale get into a huge fight. Rusty's advisor, Prof Hastings, has been warning him about trusting people in the laboratory. He had experienced first hand treachery by a friend. Dale's jealousy has gotten the best of him - late at night, Rusty walks into the lab to find Dale reading through his notes! Dale jokes to Rusty that he should take his snooping as a compliment, because it means that he now sees him as actual competition - obviously, Rusty is completely insulted! He didn't think that his good friend actually though of him as "The Anchor."

Rusty returns to the KT house, where an unlikely gang of KT brothers, Casey, Rebecca, and Evan have gathered for a Thanksgiving dinner. Though some of the guests were anticipating a turkey dinner, it turns out that the "turkey" hunt, was really Whisky - go figure.

Cappie and Rusty chat on the roof. Rusty describes his self-healing wire, as a wire that just keeps growing back - giving himself (and Cappie) some inspiration to not give up. Rusty heads back to the lab to make science history. Unfortunately, he can't happily share his triumphs with Dale.

And Cappie, well he's inspired to keep going in his pursuit of Casey. Cappie walks her home and nervously tries to tell her how he feels. The emotions are thick and the anticipation is even greater - and then they kiss!!! And they say they're going to give it another try. Finally.

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Greek Season 3 Episode 9 Quotes

No Omega Chi is stepping foot in this house without getting pounded - with my fist - in the face - I don't know...


Cappie: I want to try this again. I want to be with you.
Casey: I want to be with you too.