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Casey and Evan battle it out in a mock trial for their class with Casey coming out victorious. She is also offered a research assistant position from Simon.

Ashleigh and Simon break up after she realizes there is strings attached to all of his moves. Cappie and Ash go to a job fair where Ash makes plans to meet with a former marketing professor about a job.

The KT’s are on academic probation because Omega Chi’s messed with “Joshua Whoppers” grades. Omega Chi plans to get rid of Dale after they embarrass him and get back at the KT’s. Rebecca finds out and warns Rusty and Calvin, who save Dale after he is left in his underwear at the talent show. Dale is angry about being betrayed and punches Tripp at the house.

Rebecca gets rid of her Evan items and fights with Natalie after finding out they are being replaced for the Omega Chi formal.

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Greek Season 4 Episode 8 Quotes

I'm president, I do final touches only.


Daley won't even do book club anymore.


Greek Season 4 Episode 8 Music

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Song Do You Want It Baby Sweet 17
Song Old Time Rock N Roll Jim Daniels and The Bourbon Bros