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Owen realized that his dreams went away with Cristina gone and needed something new to keep him going. He's hoping that his project with Callie will keep him busy and moving forward.
Owen takes Callie to the Veterans Hospital on Grey's Anatomy this week. He hopes she'll help them with her robotic limb lab, but things get intense as both Owen and Callie have a major disagreement.
Meanwhile, Meredith finds out that Maggie is, in fact, her sister. Richard confronts Maggie, but she calls him a coward for not speaking up initally.
Elsewhere, Derek's choice to stay in Seattle is affecting his marriage drastically as Meredith drifts further away. Also, with Amelia as the new chief of neuro and Derek staying, things got heated for the Shepherds as Derek made it clear he wasn't going anywhere.
Calzona's plates continued to get fuller with Callie working on a new project at the Veterans Hospital with Owen and Jackson and Arizona busy with her fellowship. The two aren't sure if they are ready yet to add to their family.
As Alex and Bailey both prepared for their presentations to the board, Bailey found out that she was chosen.
Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3 Quotes

I am the sun and he can go suck it.


I am going to walk in there and tell the truth. I deserve it and if any one of them has the misguided impression that there is any choice at all in this matter, I will set that person on the righteous path before he or she can reveal him or herself as a moron.

Miranda Bailey

Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 3 Music

  Song Artist
Banks waiting game Waiting Game Banks iTunes
Grieves whoa is me Whoa Is Me Grieves iTunes
Jhene aiko lyin king Lyin King Jhene Aiko iTunes