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Trying to make a difference at the hospital, Maggie struggles from one situation to the next. We learned that she loves solving puzzles and is relentless to always try to figure out and find the missing piece. 

Meredith continued to give Maggie the cold shoulder as Maggie tried to find the perfect opportunity to reveal her true identity. Unfortunately, Meredith's response wasn't exactly what Maggie was hoping to hear. Meredith called her a liar and asked what she wanted stating that she would have known if her mother was pregnant at age five. Moreover, Meredith told Maggie to stay away from her.

Meanwhile, Maggie bonded with Jo, Bailey and Amelia. 

While Maggie clashed with Meredith on a case with a dying cancer patient, she also solved the mysterious case from last season with the family with the heart conditions. With Bailey's genome lab, Maggie gave the McNeils peace of mind as she learned that genetics were to blame. Maggie also granted her dying patient's wish.

Also, Calzona decided that Arizona would go ahead and take the fellowship and they would still try to have another baby.

Elsewhere, there was still no resolution on whether Alex or Bailey would take over Cristina's seat on the board. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 11 Episode 2 Quotes

I just had to bring the thunder.


I think she’s more than you bargained for, but I think when the world gives you more than you bargained for, you usually end up glad you got it.