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Meredith is shocked when Owen sells Derek's trailer. Maggie is shocked when Owen and Amelia start talking about (hypothetically) moving in together, getting married, and having kids. Meredith spends the whole day being testy with everyone, complaining about people's happy relationships. Riggs confronts her about it in the parking lot after work, and after getting worked up over their disagreement, she kisses him. They end up making out in the parking lot and fumbling into her back seat. 

A patient's grandmother propositions Alex for her daughter, prompting him to examine his relationship with Jo. Meredith freaking out about Amelia and Owen's relationship and bugging him about how he should elope only makes him think harder about things. When he arrives home and pushes Jo for an answer about whether she'll ever be ready to marry him, she says no.

Webber is excited for Catherine coming home next week, and is planning a dinner party, but his plans highlight how unhappy many of the SG couples are. Throughout his day, he keeps being reminded of this. Just as he's feeling defeated by everyone else's unhappiness, the elevator doors open to reveal Catherine, who has arrived early to surprise him.

Callie is upset about losing custody, and no longer plans on moving to New York. When she asks Arizona for custody accommodations, Arizona is at first agreeable, but later stands up to Callie, blaming her for the entire situation and still playing the victim. Callie ends up breaking up with Penny,  who ends up breaking down and turning to Meredith of all people for help. 

Stephanie can't stay away from Kyle. After she helps him through some nausea and tells him that he'll need somebody to help him even if it's not her, his mother and sister show up. They hate Stephanie. Jo covertly passes along information about his treatment to Stephanie. She confronts Amelia about the surgery plan, wanting reassurance that even though it's an extreme high risk, Amelia can handle it. Stephanie manages to slip into his room and patch things up with him before his surgery, making tentative plans for the future. 

Jackson tries to help Ben out by offering him a place to stay, prompting a rant about how he's right and he has the patience to wait Miranda out so that he can revel in his rightness. When Richard checks in with Miranda about her marriage, she basically says the same thing. 


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 12 Episode 23 Quotes

April: She's gone.
Arizona: Hmm?
April: I'd lose that crazed smile before you start cramping.

Amelia: Hey, Maggie, did you hear Owen bought a house?
Maggie: Oh good, now you can naked snuggle on *his* sofa.