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Meredith gets her new contract for her job as chief of general surgery, and her friends and colleagues make her realize that she isn't getting paid enough for the position. She struggles with the news, and they talk her into asking for what she rightfully deserves.

Maggie is freaked out that her ex-boyfriend if getting married, and she started to re-evaluate her choices.

Jo confronts Alex with a paper about the embryos from his relationship with Izzie years ago. She worries that Alex doesn't see her as something he would be willing to have children with.

At work Alex is faced with tough decision. A mother gives birth to twins who are both extremely sick and need liver transplants. The father is a match, but the mother is not, which means only one of the babies will be able to receive a transplant.

Jackson continues to try to get April to leave, but she refuses. She insists on staying and fighting for their marriage. Jackson gives up on waiting for her to leave, and instead decides to leave himself.

Richard asks Bailey why he didn't offer Meredith more money, and Bailey tells him she wants Meredith to realize she can ask for it. Later, Meredith does, and gets exactly what she asked for. Bailey tells her she did a good job.

Grey's Anatomy
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