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April experiences backlash after being put in Meredith's position.

Meredith's patient is upset that she has April instead of Meredith. She also blames April when she can't have her surgery the way she planned.

Maggie considers April a traitor. She expresses her distaste with April' betraying them. Eventually April kicks Maggie off of her surgery because she's tired of Maggie picking on her.

The other attendings discuss which sides to take. Owen is trying to remain neutral. 

Richard tells Jackson that Catherine was behind Eliza Minnick.

Jackson thinks Catherine has some hold on April.

Stephanie and Ben get chosen to do their own solo surgeries. 

Ben has to take Richard's surgery and Richard is assigned to watch. After Ben tells Bailey how awkward the situation is for him, because she and Richard are at odds, Bailey scrubs into their surgery.

Webber and Bailey argue with each other the entire time and ruin the moment for Ben.

Eliza puts Stephanie on a surgery with a nine year old kid. Arizona is upset that she wasn't consulted about it and doesn't like a resident playing doctor on a kid. 

The kid ends up dying on the table. When Stephanie freaks out, Eliza bails on her. Richard comforts Stephanie and Arizona ends up comforting Eliza who apparently never actually lost a kid before.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 13 Quotes

Richard: If you see a problem in our marriage, will I hear about it? Or will some consultant come and get me out of our bedroom.
Catherine: Stop. You know me better than that.
Richard: No, Catherine, I don't. I don't.

Kepner, you don't have to check in with me. I trust you. You do you. It's your department now.