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In this bottle episode, Meredith, Owen, Richard, and Stephanie find themselves trying to save the life of a John Doe on the table. Both Owen and Meredith have gotten little sleep, and Richard decides this is the perfect time to teach Stephanie about compassion with patients on the table they don't know.

Richard imagines the man on the table as Gail. Richard talks about who this woman is as a person and what her life is like. Later on, it is revealed the description of Gail is his mother.

While working on the patient, Owen imagines his dead sister, Megan, talking to him. He struggles with what best to do for the patient because he doesn't want to give up.

While working on the patient, Stephanie imagines her younger self. Younger Stephanie gives her a pep talk and urges her to speak up.

While working on the patient, Meredith flashes back to the moment she told her children Derek was dead.

They end up saving the patient by going to extreme measures. Meredith has a moment of contemplation and imagines Derek by her side. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 8 Quotes

Owen: What is he doing?
Meredith: He likes to teach. When he's pissed, he really likes to teach.

Richard: What do we need to know in order to do our jobs and not simply be mechanics?
Owen: How are we... we're not being mechanics!
Richards: You're treating this patient like a sack of organs on a table.