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Bailey, Jo, and Arizona take a trip after their shift to a women's correctional facility to check on a pregnant teenager with an arcardiac pregnancy. 

Bailey is put off by being in a prison, the conditions of the place, and the inmates. Jo tries to get her to empathize, because she can relate to them because of her own childhood and experiences. 

The patient, is a violent teenager prone to outburst and violence. She lashes out and attacks one of the guards, and the only person who has any form of control over her is her lawyer. Kristen, the patient, was under the impression that she would be delivering her baby and that she would be able to keep it with her. 

Jo tries to bond with Kristen by sharing bits about her past, and she finds out that Kristen didn't have a rough life, she actually had the perfect one, and the question wondered but never answered, is what exactly did Kristen do to end up in prison with a sentence longer than she's been alive.

When Kristen goes into pre-term labor her mother refuses to be at her side and Bailey and the others have to coach her through it. Kristen's mother believes that the baby would be better off without knowing Kristen and she doesn't want to see her own daughter. Kristen is devastated by this news.

Later on, Arizona has words with the mother and wonders if she'll abandon the new baby like she abandoned Kristen. 

Bailey complains about the conditions of the facility and the medical ware that they have, and Dr. Eldridge tells her about how short staffed and cut funds to prisons are the reason why  things look that way.

Kristen gives up her baby knowing that she won't see it again. Or her mother for that matter.

On the ride back Bailey tells Jo and Arizona that Alex took a plea deal and will go to prison. Jo has Arizona pull over because she's sick after hearing the news. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 13 Episode 10 Quotes

Correctional Officer: Visitor's pass. Keep them on you at all times, you will not be let out without them.
Miranda: What?!

Stuff does not just happen to you. You happen to stuff.