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Owen and Amelia are still having no-strings-attached sex. 

Sofia is crying because she wants to go back to New York with her friends, teachers, and Callie. Arizona has Sofia come to work with her for the day. 

Jackson pages Maggie to a room. They end up having a make-out session in a closet. When they open the door, still kissing, Richard and Catherine are outside and see them. 

Meredith is clearing out all of her work for the study. 

April wants to help Hunt run the orientation with the interns. 

Bailey and Wilson work on an astronaut named Marjorie. 

Marjorie's project she was working on when she got injured is her idea of building a time machine. 

Jackson, Catherine, and Richard have to work on Michelle's vaginoplasty and he assures her that he's focused on her when Catherine keeps alluding to what she saw between Jackson and Maggie.

April takes over and is dead serious about the intern trauma certification. 

Maggie tells Meredith about how awkward it was being caught making out with Jackson. 

Amelia, Maggie, Alex, and Jo talk about what they would do if they could time travel. 

April terrorizes the interns with the certification. 

Owen and Amelia talk about their relationship and talk about the role Teddy plays in Owen's life. 

Michelle has had enough of Catherine, Jackson, and Richard's bickering and distraction. She refuses to go under the knife until they sort everything out and pay attention to her. 

Arizona has to take her patient's son in because his laughs are seizures. She's having issues with premature labor because of issues with her uterus. 

Michelle orders them to resolve their issues. Richard gives his blessing. Catherine admits she's afraid that Jaggie relationship could cost her hers with Richard. 

They all make up and Michelle's surgery appears to go well. 

April spirals out of control during the certification process. She starts talking about not being able to save people, and DeLuca attempts to talk her down before she takes off. 

Jackson pulls her aside and demands to know what's wrong with her. He tries to remind her that they are still friends and asks her what she wants. She attempts to make out with him, but he stops her. She tells him to take Harriet instead. 

Maggie is fine with Jackson having to postpone their date because the anticipation will make things better. 

Owen heads to the airport to track down Teddy after his conversation with Amelia. 

Arizona's patient's son, Noah has an inoperable tumor that would possibly make him a candidate for Amelia and Alex's study. The first test patient.

Arizona has a special moment with Sofia when she tucks her in and expresses how appreciative she is that she has a healthy kid. 

Jo talks Meredith into sticking with their polymer study after the astronaut dies because Ellis would want Meredith to be a trailblazer. 




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