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April wakes up at a bar. 

Owen surprises Teddy at her apartment in Germany.

Meredith catches Dr. Marks leaving his transplant. He doesn't look well. He collapses.He had a kidney transplant and chose to work 5 weeks post-op.

April's rabbi patient has a rash.

Owen tells Teddy that he and Amelia are no longer and nothing is standing in their way now. They kiss.

The rabbi has TEN, a skin disease he got as a result of his antibiotics. He's dying. April snaps at Bailey and blames her for giving the man too many antibiotics and putting him in this position. 

Meredith and Dr. Marks get to know each other talking about their personal lives. They flirt and talk about their lives. He won't let her go see her other patients because he's too busy flirting.

Teddy and Owen sleep together. Teddy asks him what the plan is since they live in different countries. He convinces her that he's all in and that he can move there or she can move back. She tells him about the life she has there.

He tells her Amelia pointed out that Owen had feelings for Teddy. He digs himself a deeper hole admitting that he was sleeping with Amelia up until the previous night. 

Marks' lab results come back inconclusive and Meredith figures out that he has a renal clot. After all the time he spent talking to Meredith about what their lives could be like and hopes and dreams, he tells her about the deed to his house and instructions on his niece who he has custody of. 

April basically tells her patient that Bailey screwed up. He tells April that he can tell she's in pain and calls her out on her struggles with her faith. He offers to help. They talk about faith and he calls her out on her crisis. He reminds her that things just happen and you can't only have faith in God when things are good and not when there is bad. 

They go back and forth and she cries. He's dying. He starts hallucinating that she is his wife who still hasn't gotten there yet. She goes along with it, crying, until he dies. 

Bailey is trying to light a candle in the chapel for him, but she can't light the match. April helps her and tells her that Eli forgave her and that she knows sometimes things just happen.

Dr. Marks' surgery is a success. He continues to flirt with Meredith. Later on, Meredith and Alex talk about him at Joe's. She tells him that she hasn't felt that way in a long time about a guy. Not since Derek. 

Owen tells Teddy that she's running away from him because she's scared, and she calls him out for only treating her like a consolation prize when his relationships fail because he doesn't want to be alone. 

She puts him out. 



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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 17 Quotes

Tell me I didn't screw this up, Dr. Grey. Tell me I'm not about to lose a kidney.

Dr. Marks

Amelia and I are done. We're done, Teddy. So, for the first time, you and me, there's nothing standing in the way. So, I said something, you got to say something, so ...