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Meredith pours over her mother's journals because she's trying to figure out why Marie hated her mother. 

April slept with Tom and wants him to leave her house.

Alex finds that Jo is applying for other positions elsewhere.

Maggie has an important patient, so she wants to bail on her date with Jackson so she can focus because he distracts her. Maggie's patient makes Alex flashback to his adolescence.

Maggie's groundbreaking surgery is about to be put off when the young patient is up for a heart on the transplant list. He wants to say no to it, and he wants the procedure because he feels like his old heart fell in love with his boyfriend and he fears the new heart won't love him. 

His boyfriend breaks up with him for not believing in science. 

Jo has a flashback to being a teenager and the cops giving her a citation for the car she was living in. Her crush gave the money to the cop.

Maggie has a flashback to her first crush helping her perform an autopsy. 

Marie tells Meredith that the procedure Ellis Grey won a Harper Avery for was a stolen idea from Marie. Marie wants Meredith to publicly change the name of the procedure if she wants the patent.

Teen Maggie steals the heart of the cadaver she worked on, so her and the boy she had a crush on could bury it. 

While performing surgery they realize the new heart doesn't fit in Charlie's chest. 

Tom still hasn't left April's home. He's trying to make food, but he analyzes April's home and talks about how different she is from the last time he met her. He calls her out for having a crisis of faith and tells her that God is dead. She immediately responds to it. 

They propose not closing the chest until the heart-swelling goes down. 

Alex's mother has a breakdown because she forgot to take her pills. He has to control her and his girlfriend is turned off by it.

Charlie has a close call and nearly dies, but they get his heart beating again.

Young Jo is sleeping with her boyfriend in her car. He offers to let her stay with him and his folks. 

Charlie's boyfriend admitted that he only broke up with him so that he would get the surgery. He's terrified that Charlie will die. 

Jo calls Alex out for being moody, and he questions why she's considering leaving Seattle. She tells him that she can finally do whatever he wants, but he wonders if Paul was the only reason she stayed.

Maggie asks Jackson for a consult. He had hoped she was going out with him.

Tom talks to April about God. He tells her about his own struggles and what happened when his 10-year-old son died. He tells her that he and God didn't abandon each other, they were just in a fight. April is affected by his words but tries to distract him and herself with sex.

Meredith tries to figure out what to do about Marie. She asks Alex for advice. Alex tells her about Jo possibly leaving, and Meredith reminds him that Jo wouldn't be abandoning him like Izzie. 

Teen Alex went to a party to meet his girlfriend but overhears her talking about him and his mother being crazy. She wants to break up with him. He goes home to spend time with his mother who is having another episode. 

Owen and Amelia have been hooking up all day. 

Alex stays at Meredith's, and Jo returns home to the house being empty. 

Teen Jo's boyfriend asks her to move in with him. 

Young Maggie and her crush, Steve, bury the cadaver's heart. She reads a poem confessing her love to Steve. He was taken aback. 

Maggie recites the poem to the other surgeons and doesn't realize that Jackson heard it because he was in the room. 

Teen Jo takes off from her boyfriend and his family. 

Jackson drops off Harriet and sees Tom there. 

Maggie meets him at the bar. She talks about how weird and quirky she is and gives him an out. He admits that he has quirks too. They have drinks together. 

Meredith doesn't want to change anything that would affect her mother's legacy because she doesn't know her mother's side of the story. She tells Marie she can't do that. 

Marie tells her that she has the polymer and Meredith's science and she'll do the project herself and it'll be her method. She says it's unfortunate that she has to pay the price for her mother's mistakes. 

Alex returns home and Jo is waiting for him. She starts telling him how she feels about him, and he starts looking for the engagment ring, but she's wearing it. She asks Alex to marry her. 

The patient's boyfriend makes a grand gesture of love. 

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