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Meredith takes a moment to think about the Harper Avery.

She is on her way to catch Avery's private jet to Boston for the award ceremony when a trauma comes in. She opts to help instead of going on the plane because she's putting in off.

A group of interns with an uncanny resemblance to Izzy, George, and Cristina come in after a rollercoaster accident. they act like their counterparts too. 

Meredith works on "Baby Cristina" and when she has an injury that could be life-threatening, Baby Cristina asks Meredith to treat her like her friend.

Bailey and Webber work on "baby George" It's touch and go for a bit and it makes them both emotional being reminded of George. Bailey takes a moment and cries outside the room but blames it on marital issues. She's happy when they can save Baby George because they couldn't save the real one.

Bailey and Ben are at odds and Ben are in the doghouse because he told her about the firefighting. 

Baby Izzie is pregnant and has to have an emergency C-section. She reminds Alex of Izzie, and he talks about Izzie with Jo. The situation also makes Arizona think of Mark. She has been preparing for Sofia to return. When Sofia does return, she mentions missing Callie.

Maggie and Zola hang out at the hospital. Zola talks about a medical procedure and when Maggie mentions she's like her mother, Zola talks about Derek too.

Deluca and Sam try to avoid each other but end up sleeping together in a skills lab. They had a tumultuous relationship that Carina doesn't approve of.

Carina still is sleeping with Owen. Amelia walked in on them.Owen thinks Amelia is jealous when she questions him about a patient, then calls her out for thinking about her brother instead of the patient. It turned out, Amelia was right. the patient needed a CT. Just like Derek did.

When surgery is over, they wheel a TV in so Meredith can see the Awards ceremony she's missing. In an OR, while wearing Derek's scrub cap, she watches as Catherine announces she has won, and Jackson gives a speech on her behalf. She won the Harper Avery.

Everyone congratulates her and Meredith see her mother smiling down at her from the gallery. She and Alex head to the gurney they used to hang ou ton as interns and Cristina calls just in time for them to pop a bottle of champagne and celebrate. 

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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 7 Quotes

Greg: What's he like?
Meredith: Who?
Greg: The guy I remind you of.
Meredith: His name was George. He was a hero.
Greg: Was?!

Alex: O'Malley and Yang.
Jackson: What?
Alex: Baby O'Malley and baby Yang.
Meredith: And there is a baby Izzie having a baby.