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Ben is training for the Firefighting Department. Richard makes it so that it's considered a fellowship. Richard and bailey bicker because they both want in on the new grant program she and Jackson established.

The hospital is hacked and a message is sent demanding $20 million dollars in bitcoin. Bailey figures that the person heard about their new program established by Jackson and that they think the hospital has loads of money to spare. the FBI discourages Bailey from paying the ransom because it would open the door for others to do the same to other hospitals around the country.

The hospital has to resort to old-school methods of taking care of their patients. They can't communicate with each other. Meredith has to do surgery in the dark, and when she can't get blood out of the blood bank, Levi has to use his own for their patient. 

Jo was named Chief Resident. 

Alex's patient is sick and Jo has to track down all the nurses who worked with him, so she can figure out what they gave him for medication. When he finally finds out the truth, she can't reach Alex in time to stop him from giving the kid something that could endanger his life.

Jackson and Maggie work together on a case. When they transport their patient, they get stuck in turbulent weather. The patient's tube comes out and blood is everywhere.

The sexual tension between the two increases as they bond over their past.

When Bailey finally agrees to pay the money she contacts Jackson but can't reach him because of the mess in the helicopter.

DeLuca and Sam are still having sex in random places.

Carina and Arizona go back to bonding. Carina gets hospital privileges to work on patients when Arizona is paged for Gynecology and needs help. Carina delivers a baby. They admit they miss each other.

When Jo heads to Alex to relay the news about the meds the little boy can't take, she runs into Paul. her ex-husband.


Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 14 Episode 8 Quotes

Owen: Morning.
Arizona: Morning.
Carina: Morning.
April: Awkward.

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Jo: Did I sound like Bailey? I was trying to sound like Bailey.
Alex: No.