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Mer returns to GSM. The staff welcomes her and she had sharky comments to make to DeLuca for dumping her.

Levi is still being shunned and Helm won't talk to him, but Nico is making him feel better about all of it.

Cristina sent Mer a message saying she sent her a package.

Mer has a repeat patient Jamie who she tends to. A new doc, Peds Chief Cormac Hayes starts his first day. He and Mer clash over treatment, and he's not impressed by her.

Mer is upset when Hayes tells the patient and her mom that something could he cancerous but he later shares that he likes his patients to have the full story, and he wish that was done for him when he lost his wife. He says this on the elevator. Cristina responds to the text and says that Hayes is the package for Mer she sent.

DeLuca notices all of this and is jealous. Especuwllu since Link and Nico told him he was dumb for giving Mer space and reminding her that they aren't equal.

Link and Amelia are super frisky and excited about their baby. They keep thinking of the baby will look like. Amelia shares that she hadn't had an ultrasound. She's afraid of what she might find out.

Bailey urges her to do do. Amelia does and learns that she is four weeks off on her conception date so the baby might be Owen's baby.

Bailey treats Captain Herrera and starts bleeding. After getting checked out, she has miscarried. She's devastated but refuses to leave work and Ben is upset and goes drinking.

Bailey won't tell anyone especially Amelia so as not to worry or discourage her. She tells amelia she's having a girl.

Maggie has to perform a routine surgery on a husband and father. She gets Teddy to scrub in because she's second guessing herself. It does not go well and she freezes in surgery. Teddy takes over but the patients condition is not well. She quits and Tom appoints Teddy head of cardio.

Tom also tells Teddy he still loves her and is waiting for her.

Jo works at station 19. A baby is dropped off. She's supposed to take the baby to the social worker but she takes him home instead.

Catherine catches Jackson talking to Vic. They talk about their relationships. She thinks Richard is cheating when someone at the hospital mistakenly calls Gemma Richard's wife .

A car crashes through Joe's while many people are at the bar.

Grey's Anatomy
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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 9 Quotes

Vic: I'm Victoria Hughes, Station 19.
Catherine: What is that a TV channel?

DeLuca: I didn't know you were coming back today.
Mer: I would've told you, but you were too busy dumping me.