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Link is freaking out that jo stole a baby. Meredith comes over thinking Alex is there and she wants to talk about Cristina sending her the Irish guy. Link tells her about the baby and Meredith jokingly understands.

They get a call about the accident at Joe's and it's all hands on deck. Jo can take the baby to the hospital without people thinking she stole it.

Bailey finds Levi in a supply closet freaking out. She is too. She tells him they both need to help.

Amelia is looking for Maggie and tom tells her that she quit.

Owen and Richard come to the hospital as reindoencements and are given temporary permission to practice at the hospital.

Warren asks Richard to check up on Miranda but she won't really let him.

Casey disappears during a scan so they have to find him and he's probably looking for a bomb shelter.

Tom is being rude to everyone but he's worried about his protege.

Helm is is bad condition.

Jo meets the new doctor.

Levi collapses while prepping helm with surgery. He has cardiomyopathy.

They find Casey.

Deluca's patient's heart starts working again. When he alerts everyone, he finds out about the accident.

They have to crack open Helms chest to keep her alive during her surgery. Bailey starts to do it but can't. She let's Richard take over.

Teddy wonders if Owen doesn't want to marry her. Amelia reassures her.

Jackson talks to Owen about it too.

Levi had broke heart syndrome.

Everyone is stable and Bailey finally breaks down. Richard comforts her.

Meredith spends time with Bailey and brings her doughnuts. Tells her about her miscarriage too. She understands.

The residents all comfort each other in Helm's room.

Owen proposes to Teddy and she says yes. They announce it and Tom looks upset. It stops Amelia from telling Link about the baby.

DeLuca heads to Maggie to get advice about Meredith. Maggie gets served. She's being sued for wrongful death by her uncle

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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 10 Quotes

Link: Jo stole a baby.
Jo: I did not steal a baby.
Mer: That's what I said when I stole a baby.
Link: Why are people stealing babies?

Right now, your friends need you, and they need me too. Whatever we're feeling we put it aside. We put it aside, and we help.