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Jo checks herself into rehab. She reminds Alex that they don't have their wedding certificate so they aren't legally married and he has an out. She doesn't want to be another crazy woman on his list.

Meredith talks to a lawyer about turning herself in. She's surprised to hear she would get off easy. She gets community service picking up garbage. Later on, she's told there will be a hearing about her medical license.

Maggie finds Jackson. He's helping a couple who were stranded on a cliff. Vic from Station 19 helps. They are still not in a good place. She doesn't want to talk yet about him leaving her, and he later tells her that they can't be fixed. 

He hits it off with Vic, and they discuss getting closer. Maggie notices this and calls Jackson out on it. She tells him that they aren't friends anymore and his relationship with Vic isn't he business. 

Alex and Richard are fired. Richard is mad about it. He's not speaking to Catherine or Bailey. He takes house calls from an app. He tries to get the chief position at a low tier hospital, but they want somoene younger. 

He talks Alex into going for it and then hiring him. 

Tedd is overwhelmed by motherhood. Tom tells her he still loves her and he's waiting until her relationship with Owen falls through. Owen tries to be supportive and eventuall sells his house so the can find a new one together.

Amelia explains what she meant about their relationship wto Link and the continue to date. They talk about things like her wanting to try a threesome. When she approaches Carina about it, Carina points out that Amelia is pregnant. After saying she wants to go slow, she's now pregnant with Link's baby.

Alex tells Jo he's all in with her and proposes again after she gets out of rehab.


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Grey's Anatomy Season 16 Episode 1 Quotes

So I just go home?!


And the person who I trained, the person who I mentored, fired me without a word of apology or regret, and my own wife said nothing to defend me. Not one word. I know I have my part in this, but I do not see myself forgiving anyone but myself anytime soon.