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  • Teddy and Owen barely spea but she starts venting about the losses and not being able to do surgeries and how many people are probably in jeopardy and Owen tells her that they should talk later. 
  • In the flashbacks, Teddy tries to figure out why he called off the weddng or delayed it, and he isn't telling because he's waiting for her to confess to sleeping with Tom. 
  • Link and Amelia are on kid duty watching Mer's kids and their new baby. They keep losing track of time and both of them forgot Link's birthday. 
  • Levi tries to check in with Nico, but he gives him the cold shoulder. 
  • Catherine is upset because Richard is returning to work, but he still isn't talking to her. 
  • Amelia and Link debate over what to name their baby. 
  • Amelia and Link also take advantage of their moment with the kids distracted to finally have sex after ages. 
  • Owen and Teddy go to talk, but Owen only wants to tell her that if something happens to him, he wants Leo to go to Amelia and Link. 
  • Teddy wants to talk about everything else and doesn't want to hear anything happening to him. 
  • Maggie and Catherine vent their frustrations about everyond dying and the disproportianate number of people of color this is affecting. 
  • Mer is overworking herself. 
  • Catherine fires Tom from the position as chief of chiefs and gives Richard his job back. They make up. 
  • Winston sets up something nice for Maggie. 
  • Owen confronts Teddy and they have it out. 
  • Amelia and Lijnk name their baby Scout Derek. 
  • Meredith collapses in the parking lot and Hayes finds her. She's dreaming of Derek and seeing him again. 
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I'm not yelling at you, I'm yelling at the world through you!


I heard you got in an OR today. I'm jealous. I haven't touched a scalpel in weeks.