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  • Richard has arranged for all the doctors to get tested and more equipment. The residents can't treat COVID positive patients. 
  • Meredith is being a terrible patient and wants to go to a hotel to quarantine and free up the bed. But she collapses again and dreams about being on the beach with Derek. 
  • Maggie loses another patient and it's all getting to her. Hayes shows up on the wing to help out where he can. 
  • DeLuca wants to put Mer on some experimental drug regimen that has been working on other patients. Teddy has resevations. 
  • Link comes in to perform a hand surgery on a sex therapist. 
  • Mer's scans of her lungs aren't looking good and Maggie asks Teddy if she's good and prepared to take this on because of her distractions with her personal life. She also requests DeLuca join Mer's case since he has seen the most COVID cases. 
  • Richard puts Tom in charge of the new residents, two of which include a mother/daughter rudo with the same last name. 
  • Jo and Carina's patient is a woman who came in with stomach pains and finds out that she's pregnant. But then Carina sees on the scan that she isn't and it could be a tumor. 
  • The patient is pregnant but her baby is attached to her liver. 
  • Mer talks to Amelia and Maggie. They mention that her healthcare proxy is likely Derek and she needs to change that if something happens to her, but she refuses to talk about it. She talks to Ellis. 
  • Mer tries to get to Derek in her dreamscape, but everytime she gets closer he's further away. He tells her that she's worried about the kids, and he knows that she misses him.
  • Carina and Jo ask the patient if she wants the baby. They have to deliver her now. She names her Luna. She wants the baby. She used to be married and her husband blamed her for why they couldn't have kids. 
  • Bailey tells Mer that she needs to pick a new person since Alex is her POA. She tells Biley why she can't do that to her sisters. 
  • Mama Ortiz the one resident is excelling and Tom is impressed by her and the fact that she's not impressed or afraid of him. 
  • Mer talks to Hayes. She tells him that she's afraid if she goes to sleep she won't wake up and talks through choosing a new person. He gives her a pep talk and urges her to choose someone who will always choose her and what's best for her. 
  • They save the sex therapist's hand and he gives them the secret to his trade. 
  • Amelia is worried about Meredith and can't unwind. Link tells her about his patient. They have socially distanced sex.
  • Maggie breaks down talking to Winston. She's lost so many patients. She's worried about Mer. 
  • Mer makes Richard her POA. 
  • Tom tests positive even though he's asymptomatic. He told Richard that the residents need HIM to train them during this pandemic. 
  • Richard takes over teaching the residents. 
  • Mer's health is getting worse. She sees Derek again and he tells her that he's there for her when she's ready. 
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Oh yay, we have new babies! How many are gonna die?


Teddy: I told them to take away your login privileges.
Mer: I have connections. I own the place.