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Owen wakes up to Cristina and is quite happy with his situation. At work, Teddy brings him a case where the patient wants to die.  The patient’s partner doesn’t want to accept their situation.

Mark and Callie talk about her relationship with Arizona. Arizona does not want any children.

Owen has flashbacks from being at war with Teddy which brings about feelings he had for her back in the day. The flashbacks increase and bleed into his current situation.

One of the flashbacks include his helicopter being bombed.

Meredith realizes that being Dr. Sheppard’s  wife has it’s consequences. She is overlooked to operate on a patient and comes to find out that Derek stole the surgery from her.

Teddy confronts Owen about her patients willingness to die.  This leads to Owen having more flashbacks of his time in the war.  His friend, Dan, dies because he is not able to save him.

The Chief is still trying to make his way through the hospital. So far, he is unable to have lunch with anyone because they still look at him as the chief.

Owen tries to convince Teddy’s patient that death is not her only option. She tells him that she is not afraid to die.  He goes outside when he runs into the patients husband. Owen tells him that there will be a moment when his wife dies that their will be a sense of relief on her face that will make him realize he did the right thing.

Owen goes back into the past when one of his soldiers dies.

The chief tells Derek how to handle being Chief. That he should do a surgery first thing in the morning to clear his mind.

Caillie tells Arizona that she wants to have a baby at some point in her life. Arizona pulls away.

Teddy goes to Mark’s place to get some loving comforting.

Owen has one last flashback before he goes to sleep and Christina catches him thinking about Teddy.

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Grey's Anatomy Season 6 Episode 18 Quotes

Surgeons are arrogant enough to think - there is no one we can't save.


Dying isn't easy - the body was designed to stay alive - thick skulls, strong hearts, keen senses. When the body starts to fail, the medicine takes over.