Grey's Anatomy Review: "Suicide is Painless"

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Thursday night on Grey's Anatomy, we got a closer look into Dr. Owen Hunt's past that made him the man he is today. In "Suicide is Painless," it was interesting that this whole flashback was triggered due to a patient selecting to die.

War is a scary place and being a surgeon who thinks he can save everyone, must do a number on your mental health. This explains why Owen has so much pain and anger left to deal with.

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Is it just us, or did you get the impression Owen still has strong feelings for Teddy?

Would you want him to leave Cristina and be with Teddy? Our opinion would be to keep Owen with Cristina, but we have a sneaky suspicion that Owen will cheat on Christina with Teddy. 

How do you feel about Teddy being with Mark? We don't like it one bit! It almost feels as if the writers had no one left to pair up together.

We miss the Chief being the Chief, but Richard trying to hang with the guys is pretty hilarious!

The best was when he tried to be cool and say, "I'd hit her." That was awesome.

Do you think that Callie and Arizona are going to make it even though they both have two different viewpoints on having children? We hope so!

It is strange that Arizona can spend her days saving children's lives, but doesn't want any of her own. As much as we do hope they can weather this storm, we find it highly unlikely.

Lexie was surprisingly absent this week. We loved Lexie with Mark, but there is something fresh and fun about having her be with Alex. Since Izzie is now completely out of the picture, maybe Alex will want to settle down with Lexie?

There also wasn't much going on with Bailey's love life. We love that the writers finally gave her some romance and a softer side to her strong independent character.

We leave you with a few of our favorite Grey's Anatomy quotes from last night after the jump!

Cristina: Owen, what are you thinking?
Owen: Nothing. Go to bed. | permalink
Callie and her patients: Napa! | permalink
Teddy: What is your problem? You go to Sheppard behind my back about a patient you don't even have any idea what she has been dealing with - the kind of pain that she is in. The kind of pain that will only be worse when I shove a tube is shoved down her throat because you are having some kind of problem with her exercising her legal right to die. So I want to know, what the hell is your problem? | permalink
Richard: I'm not the coach anymore, I'm a player. I take a shower like everyone else. | permalink
Richard: If I wasn't happily married - I'd hit her, I'd hit her hard.
Alex: Sir, I think you wanted to say is - I'd hit that. | permalink
Callie: You guys are hard core! | permalink

What did you think of last night's episode?

Suicide is Painless Review

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