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Monroe's parents cut their visit short after seeing Nick. Monroe wonders what Nick wants, and Nick tells him he needs help with a case. Rosalee heads to the spice shop and cries. Stefania meets with Prince Viktor, which means she's broken Adalind's trust and is brokering a deal with the royal family directly. Renard asks Sebastien to get to Adalind first. 

Monroe decides to meet with his parents and end everything with them. Since they can't accept his life. Rosalee wishes he wouldn't since she didn't speak to her own family for seven years, but he doesn't want anyone talking to her like that.  

Renard calls Adalind, who warns her about what's going on. When she asks Renard why she should trust him, Renard tells Adalind he believes the baby is his. Adalind joins Meisner and Sebastien and escapes. 

Juliette visits Rosalee to lend a shoulder, but things quickly turn to shop talk. Monroe comes in and learns about the scalpers, and gives Nick a call. Monroe forgives him and they get to work. 

Stefania is taken in by the royals, and Viktor believes she tipped Adalind off to escape. She tells him that someone much closer to him is the mole. 

Nick and Monroe prepare to fight the Wildesheer, and with the help of Monroe's father are able to cut their hair off - killing them in the process. Monroe's father recalls a story that when Wildesheer show up it's only the start of terrible things happening.

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