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A circus is using Wesen Vogueing as entertainment. One of the men is a blutbad who ends up heading home with two girls who want to see how he transforms. They push him to his breaking point and he transforms but can't remember if he he kills them or not. 

Monroe tells Nick he's thankful he's in his life since it's thanks to him that he and Rosalee are together now, and he asks Nick to be his best man. Rosalee asks Juliette to be her Maid of Honor. Nick has nightmare about Rosalee and Monroe's wedding about the family's vogueing and attacking Nick, and he wonders if this bloodshed of a nightmare is a premonition. Back in Europe in the Swiss Alps, Meisner and Adalind are still running from VIktor and his mean.  

In the Alps, Meisner and Adalind find Sebastien, but Sebastien refuses to go with them so that he make amends for what he has done. Sebastien lies in wait for Viktor's men, shooting and killing each of them, but runs out of ammunition for Viktor. Viktor shoots Sebastien.  

Nick and Hank go to Monroe and Rosalee about the carnival, and they explain that when Wesen force themselves to Wogue they eventually can't control their urges and the primal side comes out. Rosalee and Monroe decide to check out the carnival, and Rosalee ends auditiong for and winning the act. During the staging process, the ring master confesses to killing the two girls.

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