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Rosalee, Monroe, and Elizabeth are on Nick's cure at the spice shop when two masked figures throw a brick through the window. Some traditional-minded Wesen are against marriages between Wesen of different types, like Rosalee and Monroe.

Trubel vanishes without explanation from Nick and Juliette's house, leaving behind only her prized chess piece on the nightstand.

A drunk Siegbarste, Keith Harrow, barges into his ex-wife Sarah's home and threatens her and her son David. Sarah and David manage to escape and go to the hospital for Sarah's injuries. Sarah's brother Ben visits her at the hospital and is very upset about what happened.

Nick finds Trubel at the trailer. She tells him about her encounter with Agent Chavez, and he decides that the best thing for her to do is to stay close.

Ben goes to his synagogue and pulls out a mysterious scroll and a jar of clay. He recites a Hebrew incantation.

Back at Sarah's house, Keith stumbles out, only to be confronted by a clay figure rising up out of the ground. The clay monster proceeds to swallow him up and goop him to death.

In the morning, Nick and Hank investigate the death. Keith's brother Nate arrives and blames Sarah for killing Keith. Nick and Hank go to the hospital and bring Trubel. Trubel takes the boy David aside and offers him comfort and advice for dealing with the monsters. She suspects that Keith might have been Wesen, but there is no way to prove it now that he's dead.

The three go to the trailer, but can't find a Wesen with clay as an modus operandi. Ben calls Hank and confesses to the murder. Nick and Hank meet him at the synagogue, and he tells them about the golem, a legendary creature made of clay, that he conjured up with a prayer he didn't expect to be answered.

Renard returns to work at the precinct. Wu shares with him his suspicions about Trubel and Nick apparently covering up for a double homicide suspect.

Ben tries to tell Sarah about the golem, but she doesn't believe him. Keith's brother Nate bursts in and confronts them about Keith's death, demanding answers. He leaves after Sarah calls the police.

In Austria, Adalind continues through the castle with the crazy man, only to fall victim to magical faces in the wall that torment her and start flooding the stair.

The golem rises against Nate and kills him as Nick, Hank, and Ben show up. Ben says that he knows how to get rid of the golem, but it means threatening David, as the golem is specifically protecting the boy.

Nick provokes the golem outside Sarah's house by threatening to arrest David, but their plan goes awry and the golem nearly kills Trubel before David destroys it by turning on it.

Monroe, Rosalee, and Elizabeth show up at Nick and Juliette's house and inform them that the spell to fix Nick is missing only one ingredient: Juliette.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

If you're interested in your friend ever being a Grimm again, let's board up the window and get back to work.

Elizabeth Lascelles

Royal foresters did not throw a brick through our window, Monroe!