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Despite Nick apparently recovering from his agonizing headache and strange vision, Juliette and Sergeant Wu are still understandably concerned about his condition and take him to the hospital.

Agent Chavez confirms that Trubel is a Grimm. The agent asks her questions, including whether Nick knows she's a Grimm, but Trubel says nothing. Chavez informs her that her Grimm kills are being wasted where they are and that there are people who would be very interested in her services. Before letting Trubel go, Chavez warns her not to tell anyone about their meeting - for her sake and theirs.

At the hospital, the doctor can't figure out what's wrong with Nick and recommends that he sees an ophthalmologist.

The scene cuts to a boxing match, where three goons are paid off by a man and told "not to hold back." Inside, a trainer encourages a young boxer, Clay, before the three goons enter and attack the young man. The boxer woges into a bull-like Wesen and defeats his attackers. Now worked up, he goes out to fight in his boxing match.

One of the goons demands more money for his troubles from the boxer's promoter, Stan Kingston, as the boxer had broken his jaw. Obviously annoyed, the manager pays the man an extra pittance.

Nick draws the prison he saw in his vision. Juliette notes that this started after what Adalind did, and Nick agrees that it's probably connected somehow. Juliette asks about the picture of Trubel that Wu had brought with him earlier. She suggests that maybe it's time to let Wu in on the Wesen world, but Nick is not convinced. Trubel returns home, but doesn't mention her kidnapping and meeting with Chavez.

The young boxer's promoter, Stan Kingston, books another fight for him, despite concerns from the trainer, Abe. Kingston declares that with only three more wins they'll be fighting the big leagues. After Abe leaves, the goon from earlier calls Kingston and threatens to report him to the boxing commission unless Kingston pays him $25,000.

An ophthalmologist examines Nick and finds no nerve damage. She reveals that he may have been born with some sort of "special vision," and that some swelling in the area may be blocking light from activating these extra cones in his eyes. There are no answers, however, about whether the condition is temporary or permanent.

Monroe, Rosalee, and Hank commiserate about Nick's condition and Juliette's hesitation for him to go back to being a Grimm. All three of them agree for various reasons that it's more important for Nick to be a Grimm than not.

The boxing goon is waiting for his payoff when he is attacked by a shadowy figure that pulls him from the car.

Hank and Nick arrive to investigate the murder. Wu identifies the dead man as Robert "Bang Bang" Moore, a former boxer and heavy drinker. "Bang Bang" was killed by a number of holes in his chest area, not caused by bullets.

Nick and Hank interview the victim's sister, who says that Moore got badly injured the night before at Kingston Boxing.

Captain Renard tells his mother Elizabeth about his daughter and how he gave the child to Prince Viktor. Elizabeth sees straight through the deception, and deduces that he must have spirited the baby to safety. Renard introduces his mother to Monroe and Rosalee, and at Renard's insistence they all go off together to investigate Adalind's workshop where she brewed the potion that de-Grimmed Nick.

Adalind is not enjoying her time in Viktor's dungeon and tries uselessly to escape.

Investigating Kingston Boxing, Nick and Hank speak with Kingston, Abe, and the young boxer, Clay. Kingston claims that he paid Moore a few bucks to play bouncer. All three state that they didn't see Moore after the fight. After the detectives leave, Clay fearfully asks Kingston if he hit Moore too hard the night of the fight.

Neither Nick nor Hank believes that Kingston is telling the truth, and they figure that whoever beat up Moore was probably a fighter, too. When they witness Clay putting dents in a dumpster, they suspect that he (and perhaps others there) might be Wesen. Despite Nick's reservations, they agree to bring in Trubel.

Monroe, Rosalee, and Elizabeth check out Adalind's workshop and locate her book of spells. Elizabeth finds the spell Adalind used on Nick and the three of them go to the spice shop to formulate a cure.

Hank and Nick interview Clay's mother, an older woman whose husband left her years ago, while Trubel infiltrates the gym. Kingston forces Trubel to fight an larger, more intimidating boxer as the two detectives arrive. Clay is afraid of them and doesn't want to fight for Stan anymore. Abe refuses to help Stan anymore, threatening to tell Clay the truth about what happened to Bobby Moore. The two woge threateningly at each other as Trubel watches. Abe is a Heftigauroch like Clay, while Kingston is a Schinderdiv.

Adalind escapes from her cell with the help of the madman on the other side of the wall.

Trubel identifies the Wesen for Nick. From the drawings in Nick's Grimm lore book, it's obvious that the wounds on Bobby Moore's body were caused by a Schinderdiv - Kingston. They also learn that the Heftigaurochs don't actually like to fight, despite their raging fighting ability. Police find Abe's body near the gym, an apparent suicide - but Abe has the same chest wounds as Bobby Moore. Abe has a note that implicates him in Bobby's death, but Nick and Hank don't fall for it.

They confront Kingston and accuse him of killing Bobby Moore and Abe. Kingston attacks them, and they only survive because Trubel comes to their aid, accidentally killing Kingston. Nick and Hank tell her to leave and claim responsibility for Kingston's death.

In Clay's dressing room, his mother shows up and begins ruthlessly attacking him to work him up for the fight. Clay, however, refuses to defend himself and purposefully breaks his own hand, ruining his mother's ambitions forever.

Rosalee, Monroe, and Elizabeth begin formulating a cure for Nick, while two men outside watch the shop and pull on animal masks.

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Nick: I just with things were back to...
Juliette: What? Normal?
Nick: I don't even know what that is, anymore. Being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm and knowing?

Nick: I'm okay.
Sgt. Wu: [unconvinced] Uh... you were on your knees, Nick!