Grimm Season 4 Episode 3 Review: Last Fight

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For such an apparently case-oriented episode, Grimm Season 4 Episode 3 was a serious let-down: no real mystery, no suspense, not even any red herrings.

I have no problem with knowing who the killer is, even if our heroes are forced to investigate to come to the same knowledge. It just seems silly that the writers would go through the trouble to leave any sort of question as to who killed Bobby Moore when it was painfully obvious from the get-go that the only one who with motive and opportunity was Stan Kingston, the promoter (played with ruthless glee by Ron Canada).

I seriously doubt that very many viewers would have a hard time figuring out that Kingston had to be the killer. There would have been a lot more interest here if we didn't immediately know that Kingston paid Bobby to attack Clay in order to work him up for the big fight, and that Bobby tried to blackmail Kingston after getting the stuffing beaten out of him. Perhaps it could have been improved by showing only Bobby's half of the blackmail conversation and not revealing who paid Bobby off in the first place.

Frankly, a part of me was hoping that they weren't going for the obvious scumbag of the episode. Too bad.

There was one surprise at the end, though, when it was revealed that the young boxer's mother had some serious issues as she tried to work him up for the big fight by attacking him herself. The look on Clay's face when she laid into him was just so sad, an utter betrayal of the relationship he thought he had with her. Seems his mom had some ambitions of her own. No wonder she connected with a guy like Kingston to have Clay "discovered" in the boxing world.

This episode also featured a few fun Grimm quotes - Bud, the Eisbiber, is once again a reliable source of comic relief:

Rosalee: Nick can't see us anymore.
Bud: Oh my God, he's blind?!

Plus there are a few other gems, too, like this exchange between Hank and Nick over a book of Grimm-lore:

Hank: [reading] "A Heftigauroch is a bull-like Wesen that morphs into rage when provoked."
Nick: Seriously? We're talking raging hefty gorock?
Hank: It's your book, man.

Seriously, how many of us think things like this when the characters start spouting all that long pseudo-German at us? That certainly earned a chuckle out of me. It reminded me of a line in Screen Junkies's Honest Trailer for the Harry Potter movies, which encouraged us to relive the excitement of award-winning British actors saying complete and utter nonsense words.

On a more serious note, Nick is finally (finally!) starting to realize that there are some serious downsides to being de-Grimmed. Like nearly getting brutally killed, for instance. Little things like that have a tendency to get to you. In a conversation with Juliette earlier in the episode, Nick expressed a less concrete but somehow more profound fear:

Nick: I just with things were back to...
Juliette: What? Normal?
Nick: I don't even know what that is, anymore. Being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm and knowing?

Is he losing his sense of self, now that he's not a Grimm anymore? Nick had three years to come to terms with his identity as a Grimm in the Wesen world, and the carpet was yanked out from under him again. Thanks, Adalind, for causing an existential crisis.

Unfortunately, they didn't dwell on this for very long, and perhaps they should have. Being a Grimm was an intrinsic, essential part of Nick, even before he knew about it, and it's been ripped away from him.

With any hope, Rosalee, Monroe, and Elizabeth will work their magic and find a cure for him soon - though the creepers lurking outside the spice shop might put a crimp in things.

Meanwhile, Adalind apparently made her escape from her Hexen-proofed cell. I highly suspect that this is all part of Prince Viktor's plans to mess with her and find out more about her Resistance contacts, as he told Rispoli in Grimm Season 4 Episode 2. Though, thinking about it, the only new name that Adalind could give Viktor is Kelly Burkhardt, which would admittedly be very, very bad for obvious reasons.

So, what do you think, fellow TV Fanatics? Did you find the episode a let-down? How much longer will Nick be de-Grimmed? Who were the men lurking outside the spice shop? Leave your thoughts and theories in the comments below!

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Last Fight Review

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Grimm Season 4 Episode 3 Quotes

Nick: I just with things were back to...
Juliette: What? Normal?
Nick: I don't even know what that is, anymore. Being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm? Not being a Grimm and knowing?

Nick: I'm okay.
Sgt. Wu: [unconvinced] Uh... you were on your knees, Nick!