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In the aftermath of Juliette's rejection of Nick, Monroe and Rosalee decide to investigate possible solutions on their own. Renard provides them with the magic hat and the grimoire, though he cautions them that their efforts may do more harm than good.

Juliette's behavior only gets worse; she is arrested for assault after attacking a man in a bar. When Nick comes to her in jail, she torments and ridicules him for even trying to talk to her.

Nick and Hank join up with Deputy Farris to investigate the death of a school janitor. They soon connect him with a young Native American, Simon George, who was the victim of racist bullying. They learn that Simon's father Gus was killed in an apparent road-rage incident when Simon was five.

When they try to locate Simon, they learn that he was on a power quest. After a second body turns up, they realize that there is another connection and soon locate a third possible victim. They confront Simon, who is possessed by a Mishipeshu spirit being, and force him to flee.

The three participate in a dream quest, and Hank channels Simon. They learn that the three victims had been the men who killed Gus George all those years ago, and the Mishipeshu is taking vengeance. Hank runs off, still channeling Simon, and becomes possessed by the Mishipeshu.

Hank then goes after the third man, but is stopped by Nick and the others. They leave dissatisfied because they don't have the evidence to try the last man for Gus's murder.

The last man, McClay is later killed by the Mishipeshu, who had possessed Deputy Farris after being expelled from Hank.

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I like this power, and you like it, too.


You know, just because this Henrietta, whom I've never met, says it's irreversible, doesn't mean it is!