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Nick tries to come to terms with the apparent resurrection of Juliette even as he and the rest of Team Grimm attempts to get a handle on the growing Wesen-related chaos. Rosalee contacts the Wesen Council and learns the uprising is called Black Claw. Unfortunately, Black Claw then assassinates the entire Council, except for Alexander, who barely manages to escape.

Lucien, a Black Claw leader, sends a hit man to kill Xavier in the holding cell at the precinct so he can't tell Team Grimm anything. He also promises his followers that they will get their revenge for the centuries they've spent in hiding and humiliation.

Nick and Adalind share their feelings for each other, and a kiss, followed by an agreement that their lives were incredibly complicated and weird.

Trubel goes to see Meisner, angry about the deception played on Nick regarding Juliette.

Meisner agrees to let Nick see Juliette. Nick meets her at a restaurant, and she says that she is now called Eve. She offers little explanation about what happened and behaves entirely unemotionally towards Nick. She is then revealed to be there to kill a Black Claw organizer, and leaves Nick to handle the bodyguards. Meisner reveals that to Nick that this was a test for him.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 7 Quotes

Xavier: It's too late! They're crazy! They can't be stopped!
Hank: From what?
Xavier: From taking over! All Wesen must join! Anybody who doesn't agree with them will be killed. You don't understand, this is happening now! It's a revolution!

So... whoever took her body brought her back to life?!