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A group of Wesen start rioting, shattering the windows in numerous storefronts in the city, killing one shop owner and kidnapping another.

Trubel recover enough to tell Nick about her work for a secret government group called Hadrian's Wall. She's been traveling all over the world (and met other Grimms along the way) opposing the Occultatem Libera Wesen uprising. She claims not to know what was done with Juliette's body.

Nick and Hank investigate the vandalism and murder and realize that Occultatem Libera is behind it in short order. Wu finds the kidnapped shop owner, who is too scared to identify any of his kidnappers. Monroe and Rosalee manage to convince him, and he picks one out.

She requires a little Grimm convincing in order to lead Team Grimm to their hideout. Rosalee figures out that it was a set-up, as does Nick separately. The trap is sprung, and the team is forced to barricade themselves. They're very much surprised, however, when they hear the sounds of a slaughter going on outside. Nick goes out to investigate and is saved from the Occultatem Libera leader by a figure in the shadows.

To his shock, he recognizes her when she steps into the light. It's Juliette.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 6 Quotes

Adalind: We're not sleeping together, we're just sleeping next to each other.
Trubel: Uh-huh.

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Xavier: [about Nick] You guys really trust him that much?
Monroe: You think we'd be here if we didn't?