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Daniel Troyer, an aging Wesen mobster who's lost his son, puts the hand of his daughter Emily up for marriage to whichever of three men can return with the head of Frankie Adkins, who was responsible for the death of Troyer's son.

The first suitor is about to kill Frankie when an unknown Wesen attacks and kills him, saving Frankie. Nick and Hank investigate the incident and learn that the dead man, Isaac, is the son of a prominent defense attorney.

Troyer believes that one of the other two suitors killed Isaac, and sends Eli out next. Eli gets close to Frankie by becoming his bodyguard. But he meets the same sticky end as Isaac.

Nick and Hank make the connection between the victims and Troyer, and they're able to stop the third suitor (who doesn't even want to marry Emily because he's gay) before he can go after Frankie.

Isaac's mother tells Frankie that Troyer is responsible, and Frankie goes after Troyer. Before Frankie can kill Troyer, however, he's attacked by the mysterious Wesen, who is revealed to be Emily herself.

Troyer, who is injured, reveals that the whole quest was actually a test for Emily to show she was worthy to take up her father's reins. Frankie is severely traumatized by witnessing both of them woge in front of him and suffers a total breakdown.

Rosalee receives a troubling letter from a former acquaintance in Seattle, Renard is asked to endorse a man for Mayor of Portland, and Trubel makes a sudden return in very poor shape, collapsing in Nick's arms.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 4 Quotes

It's just that I feel a lot more secure knowing you'll kill whatever walks through that door.


Nick: [The baby is distracted by the cell phone] I think we we should get him his own phone!
Adalind: Not 'til second grade.