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Monroe's uncle Felix in Europe discovers a rare and extremely valuable cache of Grimm lore and weapons. Felix, knowing that Monroe is friends with a Grimm, contacts Monroe and offers to sell Nick the books. It isn't long before Felix shows up in person, however, and two Black Claw soldiers, Anubis Wesen, are in hot pursuit and wanting to destroy all things Grimm.

Felix asks for $100,000 for the books. Our heroes, not having that kind of cash, approach Meisner and Hadrian's Wall. Meisner is tentatively agreeable, but the Black Claw soldiers murder Felix before the sale can be made. Team Grimm realizes that the books had not yet arrived and were sitting in a warehouse. Nick and Monroe go to the warehouse and intercept the Black Claw soldiers. Monroe, in bloody vengeance, brutally kills both Wesen.

Taking the chest back to the spice shop, they discover that it contains more than just books, though the books are valuable enough to replace those destroyed in the trailer by Juliette. Under a false bottom are Grimm weapons, and Monroe discovers a secret compartment in the lock containing, to their shock, one of the Seven Keys. Retrieving the other two they already possess, they realize that they have enough of the map they form to identify the region: the Schwartzwald, or Black Forest, in Germany.

"We're going to the Black Forest," Nick declares.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 10 Quotes

It's just so weird that you slept with both of them while the were each other! Relationships are difficult enough without getting into that sort of bizarre arithmetic.

Monroe [on Nick, Juliette, and Adalind]

I think it's kinda homey, in a post apocalyptic, neo-industrial, steampunk chic kinda way.

Monroe [about Nick's new paint factory house]