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A professional photographer approaches a woman in the mall, compliments her beauty, and tells her to come into his studio to take photos. When she does, he drugs her and is revealed to be a freakish-looking Wesen. She wakes up none the wiser.

The next day, she drops dead from sudden-onset old age. Nick and Hank investigate even as the photographer meets a doctor and sells him an anti-aging cream. The photographer emphatically warns the doctor not to use it on himself. The doctor ignore his warning.

The doctor, Forbes, begins to market the cream publicly, much to the photographer's anger. Forbes demands more. The photographer reluctantly agrees, taking another victim and extracting the youth cream substance from the young man, who later dies of old age.

Nick and Hank find the photographer's business card in the victim's car and also link the photographer to the initial victim. Paying him a visit, they suspect his involvement, and soon link the photographer to the doctor and his new miracle anti-aging cream.

They send in Rosalee undercover to the clinic. Unfortunately, the doctor's excessive personal use of the cream has caused him to go crazy and turn monstrous. The photographer bursts in, and a several-way fight ensues when Nick, Hank, and Monroe come in to help Rosalee. Forbes fatally stabs the photographer before dropping dead from the cream.

Renard declares his intention to run for mayor. Eve uses the magic hat and book of spells to transform herself into Renard.

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Grimm Season 5 Episode 15 Quotes

Adalind [about Eve]: That was creepy. Is that how she is now?
Nick: Yeah, she talks about as much as Kelly.

Nick [to baby Kelly]: Can you say 'Daddy'? Can you say 'Mama'? Can you say 'Grimm'?
Adalind: He's a little young for that last one!