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An utterly paranoid man barricades himself in his room at a cheap transient hotel, with multiple locks on the door and chains across the windows. He is in terrible fear of a monster coming to him in his sleep -- and it does come, despite all his defenses.

The next morning, he gets up and stumbles out of the hotel in a half-delirious state, wearing only his underclothes. When a concerned Good Samaritan attempts to offer assistance to him, the delirious man beats him to death.

Nick and Hank are dispatched to investigate the crime. While it's quickly obvious who the perpetrator is, the duo quickly suspect that there is something more in play than merely a mental breakdown, especially when they find no history of mental problems in the perpetrator.

After talking to the man, they describe his monster to Monroe and Rosalee, who quickly identify it as a Wesen that feeds off a particular sleep hormone.

They set a trap using Monroe as bait. The Wesen is revealed as having gained access to the rooms by a series of secret tunnels behind the dressers. Nick, Hank, and Monroe confront the creature, who was actually the building owner.

Nick tells her to leave Portland forever or else he'll kill her. She attacks him instead and quickly winds up dead. No one is too sad about it.

When a Black Claw representative arrives to confront Renard about his recent actions, Renard tells the man to leave and that he's done following their orders.

Ghostly Meisner expresses approval for Renard's choice and warns him about a pair of Black Claw assassins waiting for him. Meisner and Renard quickly dispatch them, and Meisner vanishes.

Rosalee and Eve learn that the symbols in the tunnel are a date in the coming March.

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You might wanna reconsider conversing with someone no one else can see.


Renard: You saved my life. Why?
Meisner: This time, you chose the right side, Sean.