Grimm Season 6 Episode 6 Review: Breakfast in Bed

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And this season started out so well. It's so immensely frustrating to have such rich potential squandered so badly, as in Grimm Season 6 Episode 6.

Unfortunately, this episode was really quite disappointing on a number of levels that I was literally left wondering what in the world I was just watching. Oi.

A Grisly Murder

I will refrain from complaining any more about squandering what little time is left on Grimm's clock with another Monster-of-the-Week story and instead spend my time on the episode itself.

Perhaps the writers were going for some sort of tragic monster with the Alpe, in the same vein as the Spinnetod from Grimm Season 1 Episode 11, which had to feed on people to survive.

Unfortunately, this fell utterly flat. For one thing, the Alpe was described as feeding on melatonin, a sleep-regulating hormone... which is easily available over the counter in the United States!

So, was Beverly Garwood just generally homicidal that she kept on willingly feeding on her tenants with a non-murderous alternative available?

It seems likely that Dan Wells wouldn't have reached the state he was in if she hadn't fed on solely him repeatedly for months, too.

To make matters worse from a viewer's perspective, the fact that the supposedly-Los Angeles-area-living Garwood was introduced with an actual actress early on made it easy to guess that she was going to come back later.

The utterly convenient manner in which she ended up dead was astonishing, and not in a good way.

And while the Alpe wasn't quite as much of a special effects failure as some of the Wesen on this show (*cough*Grimm Season 6 Episode 5*cough*), it wasn't exactly the sort of thing that will keep me up at night.

Then there were just so many other problems to be found with this episode, like Nick casually killing the building manager (who happened to be a Hundjager), for one. And apparently no one noticing the massive tunnel system behind the dressers at any point?

The B-story featured Eve and Rosalee trying to decipher the mysterious symbols Eve had carved into the tunnel wall, which turned out to be a stellar calendar pointing to a day in late March 2017.

Surprise! That's just around the date of the finale! (I've seen this episode of Doctor Who... The Big Bang, wasn't it? June 26, 2010?)

As esoteric warnings go, it just seems that this could have been... well, less esoteric and mysterious!

To be quite honest, the only real significant part of this episode I did enjoy was Meisner and Renard. Oh, and Renard finally telling the Black Claw representative to get lost.

(Which he should have done a season and a half ago, but we'll take what we can get.)

I’m *done* taking orders. I’m *done* with Black Claw. And I’m *done* with you! [beat] You were right. It was very important we talk.


THANK you. I think many of us had been wondering what had happened to the commanding, not-anyone's-lackey Renard, but it looked like he might finally be back.

Even Meisner gave his seal of approval:

Renard: You saved my life. Why?
Meisner: This time, you chose the right side, Sean.

To be honest, after the way the previous episode ended, I was really expecting Meisner to get all vengeful poltergeist on Renard. The way Meisner just sort of faded out...

Well. A rather disappointing send-off for him, especially since we were left with far more questions than answers about the nature of his haunting of Renard.

For one thing, he played a distinct role in saving Renard from the assassins with his hand-waving blindness trick! Not to mention warning Renard about the assassins in the first place.

It just seems odd for Meisner to literally just wave "bye" and vanish after Renard turned on Black Claw. I mean, that's it?

A few final thoughts before I turn the discussion over to you, fellow Grimmsters:

  • This is not the first episode to feature a violent attack in the Portland PD parking garage. They should really invest in some security cameras or something.
  • Speaking of the attack, what was Renard planning to do with the two corpses?
  • Anselmo Baledin was played by Carlos Gómez, who also played Jose Campos on Madam Secretary and and Carlos Sanchez on The Glades.
  • Shall we talk of the utter bizarreness that was the character of Charles Lynk?
  • Why, I ask, are there so many different species of Wesen that are apparently biologically compelled to eat people to survive?
  • Check out the Grimm quotes page for some of the notable lines from this episode.

If you'd like to watching this episode, you can always watch Grimm online. And be sure to tune in Friday, February 17, 2017 at 8/7s on NBC for Grimm Season 6 Episode 7, "Blind Love."

What did you think of "Breakfast in Bed"? Was the Alpe the stuff of nightmares, or was it little more than a yawn? What do you think of Renard's decision? And what's the calendar pointing to?

Let us know in the comments section below!

Breakfast in Bed Review

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 6 Quotes

You might wanna reconsider conversing with someone no one else can see.


Renard: You saved my life. Why?
Meisner: This time, you chose the right side, Sean.