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Nick, Hank, and Wu return to work at the precinct, though Captain Renard is still angry and frustrated over being outfoxed by them. Black Claw is none too happy with Renard over the sudden and utter failure of their power play.

And to make matters worse, Renard is being tormented by the apparent ghost or figment of Martin Meisner, who delights in playing up Renard's guilt in Meisner's death.

Nick and Hank investigate the kidnapping of a newborn baby named Auggie. The mother described a three armed, three eyed monster as the kidnapper. The heroes naturally assume Wesen.

They soon find what they're looking for in the books at the spice shop: a monstrous creature called El Cuegle that kidnaps and consumes babies.

Diana informs Rosalee that she is carrying more than one child. Rosalee and Monroe are concerned about the safety of their children, especially due to all the danger surrounding Nick.

Nick and Hank catch a break in their investigation when El Cuegle woges in a minimart in front of a clerk. Using their detective skills, it isn't long before the locate him and safely rescue the baby.

El Cuegle insists that he receives visions of the future, and the babies he kidnaps are fated to do great evil. He escapes custody and goes after the baby once again, but Nick and company stop him.

They are left to ponder the baby's future, however, as his divided parents storm off in a bitter argument.

Meanwhile, Eve attempts to handle the Magic Stick, but it forcibly rejects her, leaving her with a mark matching one of the markings on the face of a Black Claw minion who had her in a death grip.

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 4 Quotes

Renard: You three! My office!
Wu: I’m guessing this will be the presentation of medals.

Renard: You’re not real.
Meisner: Real enough that you’re talking to me.
Renard: No… you’re dead...
Meisner: Does that really matter?