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Renard continues his ascent in power, chosing his successor as police captain, a Wesen police lieutenant. When Renard is blackmailed over his supposed role in the murder of Rachel Wood, he has his successor prove his loyalty by killing the blackmailer.

He also demands the resignations of Hank and Wu, and it's all Hank can do to keep Wu from Hulking out in the middle of the precint.

Meanwhile, Team Grimm scrambles to recover after the failure of the Trust-Me Knot in the previous episode. Nick develops a desperate ploy using Eve's Hexenbiest powers and the magical hat.

With Adalind's help, they acquire some of Renard's hair to use as a spell component, along with his clothing, and using the transformation spell Nick changes into Renard.

Adalind delays Renard at home long enough for Nick to hold a press conference as Renard. In one swift stroke, Nick-as-Renard ruins all of Renard's carefully-laid plans: he refuses the mayorship, clear's Nick's name, and restores the jobs of Nick, Hank, and Wu.

Nick hits a bit of a wrinkle, however, when it seems that he may actually be trapped in Renard's form due to a bad interaction from the spell and Nick's Grimm nature.

Renard and Nick meet on the roof of the loft and, after some fisticuffs, work out a more-or-less reasonable plan going forward.

Nick returns to the spice shop, still in Renard's shape. Diana is upset at him impersonating her father and actually dispels the magic, returning Nick to his own shape.

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Grimm Season 6 Episode 3 Quotes

What if one of her teachers give her a timeout? It could turn into a permanent timeout for the teacher!

Adalind [regarding Diana]

If I shoot you, is that considered suicide?

Nick [as Renard]