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On this episode of Halt and Catch Fire…

Gordon continues on his work to help out Donna and Mutiny.

He and Donna are invited to a dinner party with Joe and Sara.

Cameron is met with some confrontation with Tom, who calls out Cameron’s games.

Mutiny suffers a major setback when nearly all its games, users are eliminated after Gordon’s program winds up infecting everything.

Gordon reveals he’s been helping pay to keep Mutiny afloat.

Donna stays at the house to try and fix the problem.

John sleeps with his wife but learns it is to keep him from coming to his son’s rehearsal dinner. His son says he isn’t angry and invites John to come, but John declines. He leaves the Mustang with his son.

Joe offers Jacob a more streamlined approach to the work, who gives Joe the go-ahead to get things down.

Joe learns that the machines they use sit off for over 16 hours.

Halt and Catch Fire
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