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Donna and Cameron are arguing about the pace Swap Meet is growing. Cameron is happy with doubling in size every week, but Donna thinks it has to go faster. Most importantly, she wants Doug and Craig to work over the weekend to make an easy and WORKING credit card app so people can BUY things and they can take a cut. NOW, so they don't bleed money.

Cameron doesn't care. She wants to go home and attend to her personal issues. She's really not interested in the business aspect. She never will be. Donna is a Joe. Cameron doesn't want to make deals with credit card company. She wants to find her own fix.

Ryan is drawing some lines on a board for Joe representing arpanet and NSFnet. Joe eyes NSFnet despite Ryan's thoughts on the matter.

A young man is at Joe's door when he ushers out Ryan. The fellow is sweating and needs to talk to Joe. My guess? His lover. He has AIDs. Lets find out if I'm right!

Cam and Boz make it back home. He's with his son and grandbaby and she's off to collect her dad's motorcycle.

Ryan arrives at Joe's to see him saying goodbye to the guy from the day before. Hug at the door. Joe's completely disheveled, and Ryan is unexpected. It's the 4th.

Donna and Gordon stay home for the 4th, cooking their steaks, drinking beer, getting sexy on the kitchen counter.

Cameron calls Tom and they meet for coffee.

Joe is very down. He's not looking forward to the future.

Things are not going well with Boz and his son.

After having sex for the second time in one day, Donna admits she never really liked camping after all. In fact, she believes camping is insanity. Always expecting a different result.

Cameron is walking down a dark neighborhood street. To the mutiny house. She peers in the windows, climbs on the roof and takes a flask out of the chimney.

Ryan wakes up on Joe's patio. As he's going out in the morning, he hears Joe sobbing in his bedroom. Ryan leaves.

Cameron never gets out of the car. Her dad's bike is gone. She lets it be sold right before here eyes. She never goes to see her parents and Boz finally just drives off. She is the biggest pain in the ass ever.

The party is over. When Donna wakes up, Gordon has cleaned the kitchen. No brunch for them. He offers some leftover pizza. He's off to play with him ham radio.

Cameron goes to Tom's.

The next day Mutiny's clients are demanding a way to pay for items. Doug and Craig are ready to roll. Donna was holding a decision. When Boz arrives without Cameron, Donna moves.

Joe gets a call about his HIV antibody test. His reaction is to walk out to the balcony and grin. Knowing Joe, we really don't know what that means.

Cameron wants to pay by routing numbers, no fees, etc.

Cameron and Donna make up. Joe is no longer interested in making money. He wants to build a deeper network between some things I'm too stupid to understand.

Cameron calls Diane, and only then finds out Donna is the one who made the decision to keep Craig and Doug. She crawls like the child she is back into her bedroom and hides in the dark.


Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 5 Quotes

Donna: When we moved here, we knew that there'd be times that we'd have to adapt quickly. This is one of those times.
Cameron: Donna, we're all alone. There's no other company that is even attempting to do the things that Swap Meet is doing. I don't want to rush in and just screw it up all at once. Can we talk about it when I get back Monday?

We don't need the perfect solution. If we have to temp something together now and fix it later, fine. A Band-Aid is better than bleeding to death.