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Joe and Ryan are setting up their room in preparation for the pitch to the NSFNET guy at the end of the month. In the meantime, he wants Ryan to get a suit and they'll be meeting with Cisco and MCI.

Joe is proud of Ryan. The pitch goes well, and he's complimented on his suit. I wish he'd shave.

Cam is chatting online with Tom. He told his mom and she's happy for them.

At the office, Cam tells Donna she fired Craig and Doug. She's on her game.

Diane appears. They run by her the firing of Doug and Craig. She's behind whatever they want to do. She's there to tell them Compuserve has made an acquisition offer for $20 million, four times their last offer. She doesn't think they should accept it, but it means there will be imitators gearing up. Diane thinks they should consider an IPO.

Donna thinks that's a great idea. Cam thinks the idea of slicing up her company for Wall Street is not something she's interested in.

Diane wants them to work out their issues, whatever they are, and offers a cabin for them to use for the weekend to lock up together and reacquaint. Donna accepts.

Cameron has no desire to reconnect with Donna.

Cam and Gordon are playing Nintendo and the kids want a turn. Cam wants to beat the game today. Gordon passes out while playing, straight into the TV headfirst. Cameron is freaked out. He says he just needs to eat something.

Diane's house is hardly a cabin. It's a mansion and something to which Donna aspires.

Cam and Gordon get a 50" projector TV to enhance their gaming experience. After all, he broke the old TV.

Diane's daughter shows up at the house with her boyfriend and his roommate.

Gordon shows Cameron his ham radio, wondering why it's not working. He was just talking on it last night. She notices on the floor it's unplugged.

Boz meets up with Diane at the opera. They arrange to meet for a drink at another bar.

The boyfriend is wowed when he learns Donna owns part of Mutiny.

Diane and Boz get along great. She even admits she isn't fond of Texas, despite never being. They talk kids and stuff.

Donna is on shrooms when Cameron shows up to talk. They make up as Donna explains to her not just the mom and she thought the lie was what's best for Cam when she made it, and what's best for the company. It was just a hallucination.

Cam goes to see Joe. She wants him to give Gordon credit. Joe sees her ring.

Donna gets home and goes to see Cameron. She has moved out. When Gordon turns on the ham radio (after taping in the cord), Cam's voice is there. She got a ham so she can continue talking with Gordon. Gordon wonders why she didn't tell them she was moving out. She tells him she married Tom. She says she's happy.

Joe is about to give his deposition when his board member walks in telling him he's done. He's lost his executive power, but there are so many clauses in his contract he really can't do anything. His four-year non-compete will also keep him from doing anything else, so he should just sit in his office and do nothing.

Joe has other plans.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 3 Episode 6 Quotes

OK. Chopping my company up into pieces so you can ring a bell on Wall Street.


Donna: Shouldn't we wait for Doug and Craig?
Cam: That would be a waste of time.
Donna: Why?
Cam: I fired them this morning.