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Joe, Gordon, and Hayley are working on Comet and grading Rover while Cameron works on her motorcycle.

Joe gives Rover a C-. When Cameron comes in, plops on Joe's lap and examines Rover for herself, the three adults get into a discussion about whether or not a mathematical algorithm can ever have the personal touch, which is the very thing Comet is built around.

At the same time, Donna, Boz, and the other project manager are trying to discuss their competition without naming Comet. Donna doesn't want to hear the name.

Donna's worried if her team can't communicate, they'll never be able to lead effectively.

Joe and Gordon decide to hire experts to do what Hayley has been doing with comedy. Cameron is out riding her bike. When it stalls, she finds a piece of property she wants to buy.

Gordon and Joe interview a candidate and get an earful about metal music they probably never imagined they would learn. Dr. Katie Herman is hired as Comet's chief Ontologist.

While we weren't looking, Comet became a very large operation. Katie is especially interested in learning who is doing their comedy section.

AOL wants to buy Comet.

Over at Donna's place, they can't believe how fast Comet switches gears and gets things done. Their staff hasn't grown but Donna wants them to compete with Comet and their large group.

Cameron is totally excited to buy an Airstream trailer for her land. It kind of grosses out Joe. Cameron makes an offer.

Donna admits Rover is getting her down and she wants to have a girls night in. In fact, Hayley is kicking their ass. Still, a couple months ago Cameron said their algorithm was pretty cool.

While they celebrate the land deal Cam got, Joe tells her they passed on the AOL deal. It's early and they can probably do better. She gets pissy and wonders if he'll have to drive Boz back home. He assures her he'll be staying overnight for her first night there.

Boz and Gordon are chatting about giving the couple the benefit of the doubt. Boz heard about the sale offer.

Cam was bummed when Joe fell asleep after Boz and Gordon left.

Boz tries to talk Tanya into selling Rover to AOL. He thinks he has her agreement when they go in to talk to Donna. He's wrong.

Katie is a hit at Comet. They have the Comet Awards and Hayley wins a giant surfboard. The office is exciting and fun.

Cameron's dream life is full of shit and frustration.

Hayley and ??? argue a bit, but nobody can deny Hayley's infectious excitement and they join her for Tonya and Nancy.

At Joe's place, the Comet team is watching the skating competition. Cameron goes home and she's having a pathetic early midlife crisis and won't join in the fun.

Still, Boz is proud of her for getting out of her comfort zone.

Boz talks about his monetary problems and the issues with Rover. Cameron wonders what they're stuck on.

Joe and Gordon connect in such a remarkable way. It's very touching.

Donna celebrates again at work because they're offering series A financing to Rover. There was a breakthrough in the coding. Good ol' Cecil. Diane tells Boz a month ago Donna was going to dump the entire thing to AOL. That's when we learn that Cameron fucked up everything again.

Joe is wigging out to the woman he loves who sits there like a log. She's the enemy.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 4 Quotes

Promise me whatever the offer is you'll consider it.


Hayley: Hey, is Scientology a religion or a cult?
Joe: Cult!
Hayley: They obtained nonprofit status in October. Never mind, I'll figure out where it goes.