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Donna cannot stop thinking about the crawler or Cecil's answer that he had to give it some manners.

At home, Joanie is playing Cameron's game. She can't believe all roads lead back home. OMG. All roads lead back to the beginning. Home.

Katie and Gordon are together. They're adorable.

He thought she did line dancing on Friday nights. She does roller derby. He has the kids tomorrow night, but he'll take them. Hot!

Cameron continues treating Joe like shit, but this time he doesn't let her get away with it. Well, he tries not to in any event. It doesn't matter. She walks out, going to sleep in her oh so comfy airstream.

At the office, Joe can't hear himself think because his group is playing pool. The real issue is he's freaking out over Rover. He wants to hire coders and statisticians.

Donna decides to put a pin in explaining the coding department since Cecil performed so well under pressure. Maybe he'll surprise them again under pressure.

Tom arrives with divorce papers. The originals were in the box that smashed on the road.

Cecil admits to Boz there is nothing he can do here. He cannot even understand how the algorithm is connected.

Tom and his new woman are having a baby.

Joe doesn't even know what problem he's trying to solve. Gordon and Joe have a good, heart-to-heart conversation.

Boz drops in on Cameron to talk about his problems. Boz always has a problem. Cameron, of course, doesn't want to have anything to do with him. Cameron wants to know why Boz can't just talk to Donna. Boz says sure, as soon as she tells Joe. That is not going to work. Boz is a ticking time bomb.

Donna, Diane, and Boz are having drinks, and the tension between Donna and Boz is palpable. Donna doesn't know who might have written the code but wonder if Boz ever thought about the fact someone might want to hurt her. While they're screaming and when he gets up, he has an apparent heart attack.

At the hospital, Cameron blames herself and that's when the lightbulb goes out for Donna. When Joe walks in, Donna has pity on her face for him. Before she leaves, she tells Cameron to stay out of her life.

Joanie and Katie are listening to music and Hayley gets upset. Gordon is listening to Pippin to calm down he tells Katie. He's kidding. He's listening to himself saying to calm down.

Cameron asks Joe to pull over. She tells him about Tom. She started thinking about why she told Tom about Joe. She thought it was the only way to save them. She thought it was because she wanted him to leave. 

Then she tells Joe she wrote the algorithm. She says she did it for Boz and just to see if she could do it. When Joe asks why she's telling him, Cameron says because she loves him. But if past history is indicative of current results, then she wants Joe to leave.

Donna calls Gordon about Hayley's biology book. She also agrees Comet has been great for Hayley. Then she admits she was awful to Boz right before Gordon tells him about Boz's $300k debt.

Donna begins playing Cameron's game, perhaps getting farther than anybody else.

Gordon burns all of his journals. After talking with Katie about his spreadsheets, statistical analysis and patterns...we know nothing.

Halt and Catch Fire
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Halt and Catch Fire Season 4 Episode 5 Quotes

Joe: Yeah? Cause from where I stand, it seems like you don't care where thinks stand here as long as you get to keep screwing the Chief Ontologist!
Gordon: Why don't you get some air?

Donna: I mean, he solved every problem he's been wrestling with for months in one elegant update.
Boz: I guess the muse finally had something to say.
Donna: Don't you wonder what took him so long?