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Jack and Miriam talk about what she's gone through, but she cannot remember who did this to her. Jack asks her why she was spared, and she tells him that she was being saved for last. Jack asks Hannibal to come in so  they Miriam can identify him by his voice. Miriam recognizes Hannibal, but does not confirm that he is the ripper. Instead, Miriam tells Jack Hannibal is not the ripper. 

Frederick comes to Will to tell him the DA has dropped all charges, and the Chesapeake ripper has helped him get out. Will tells Frederick that unless his confesses to what burdens his soul - what he shared with Hannibal - his life depends on it. Jack picks up Will, and apologizes to him for giving up on him. Will asks Jack where he found Miriam. Jack brings Will to the spot he found Miriam. 

Will turns the crime scene back in time and sees the images of flowers. He flashes back into Hannibal's office to the ripper's previous victim. Jack says the ripper is killing for theatre, and he wants him to catch someone. Will says there's something on the property that will lead him away from Hannibal. Will heads home to visit his dogs and see Alana. They argue over Hannibal, and Will warns her that he is dangerous.  

Frederick goes to Jack to offer his services. To help Miriam Lass dig her memories out from wherever Hannibal buried them. Will visits Miriam. Will and Miriam talk about never being free. Will goes to Hannibal's home to finish their conversation. Hannibal tries to play to Will's sympathies by playing to his innocence. 

Hannibal soon designs it so that Dr. Chilton takes the fall for being the ripper. During interrogation, Alana interview Chilton, and Miriam soon sees Chilton as the one bathed in light. Miriam grabs Jack's gun and shoots and kills Chilton. 

Will visits Hannibal and asks to resume his therapy. 

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