Bebe DeBarge - Happy!
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Hailey's first day at the Catholic school doesn't go so well. Since some girls need a lot of repenting, it's like Ash Wednesday every day. It brings up terrible memories of Santa causing Hailey to break the priest's thumb.

Someone wants Nick to do a job. He's unwilling unless he gets all the money to pay for Hailey's school.

The school is all about repentance. A nun offers some solace to Hailey in the way of some bible passages. The nun's voice is very familiar.

Amanda is at work. Her boss knows she got laid. Inappropriate!

Amanda starts to short circuit and almost drowns a patient after pulling on a flaming pink rubber glove.

The Scoot Sterling Foundation is sponsoring an Easter Egg hunt. They break into a giant chocolate Easter Bunny only to find poor, skinless Scoot Sterling nestled inside.

Sunny wants to know why the bunny was dark chocolate instead of milk chocolate when the latter is the favorite. Smoothie says dark chocolate was the original food of the gods and blah...

Sunny always talks about Smoothie's bunny eye when he's in there, and this time he messes with him and says he wants one. Not.

Nick is over the moon when he discovers who he is attempting to rob. He's her biggest fan.

She loves her husband's penis, which is the size of a baseball bat. It belongs to Sunny Shine!

Blue has been engaging in some extracurricular activities in prison. Murder and sodomy and sodomy and sodomy and sodomy.

Merry visits Blue in the hospital.  She wants to know about Gino Sarcuzi. 

The kids at Hailey's new school do nothing but rag on her about Christmas and Santa. They're little shits constantly provoking Hailey.

Hailey finally says she wants to meet the little bitch under the bleachers at 5.

Amanda is drooling over Easter candy. She starts eating so much it cannot possibly be good for her. it must be laced with Sonny something or other.

Then she throws up. Like totally disgusting vomit that makes me want to vomit up my coffee.

She eyes that chocolate. Something is up!

Sonny has a script out there that uses the term "Chinaman" 34 times all in reference to George Takai who is of Japanese descent.

Sonny will not have the unfulfilled wishes removed from his script.

Nick is trying to bust the dick off of the Sonny statue while his wife and Happy sing and dance to put on a happy place. They're spreading Sunshine all over the place.

Nick gets caught, but Happy is still in the house dancing. Even Nick dances a bit on the way out. 

Watching Nick dance is the best. 

Bebe DeBarge is irresistible.

Nick gets the videotapes for Merry but needs to know more.

Hailey meets that bitch under the bleachers and they start scrapping, but in the middle of it, the other girl is lifted up and strangled before the bleachers fold up on her.

Hailey runs off without her backpack and Smoothie catches up to give it back to her.

On the tape is Sonny Shine screwing many people including men and women and his wife Bebe.

All the Catholic girls watch over Nick's shoulder. Merry is pissed. Nick got the wrong tapes. These aren't blackmail tapes!

Nick pops in the Sonny and Bebe tapes so he can pleasure himself.

Happy gets up early while the tapes are still rolling. Holy 

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Happy! Season 2 Episode 3 Quotes

Holy! I mean, jeepers. Imagine having to lug that thing around all day!


Remember that you are dust, and to dust you shall return.