Day With Dad - Happy!
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Nick is ripping apart a body scouring for giblets. He's sitting on a giant game of Operation, Hailey urging him on to get the kidney.

When Amanda drops off Hailey, Nick is worried. They've never been together for a whole day.

Inside the fridge, though, is an inordinate amount of entrails.

Nick takes Hailey to a place where you can build your own stuffed animals.

Out of the blue, Hailey asks Nick if he's ever been to AA.

Sonny and Smoothie discuss their latest effort to decimate a holiday.

Blue is trying to get transferred to Wyoming. Well, he wants to start over with a regular American life in Wyoming, anyway.

Amanda's job is playing Sonny Shine again, and she walks past the door.

Scooter frickin' Sterling has been skinned. He's hanging on a meat hook. He says Tallahassee and wants to be killed.

Smoothie assures him that being skinned alive is not a survivable condition, but Scooter'll be alive as long as Smoothie wants him to live right down to the second.

Nick takes Hailey to OTB. She likes ponies, he'll find her ponies.

Happy is very unhappy in that Nick might be breaking his promise against gambling. They're just watching gambling!

Amanda calls Merry to drink with her at lunch. An early lunch. They chat about Nick and Hailey going to the new, very expensive school.

Then, just when it seems like Amanda might talk to Merry about what happened in Shine Tower, but she lays into her instead, drinking even more before walking away.

Hailey starts losing, and Nick yells at her to pick another horse. She says it's not fun anymore.

The Jewish fellow who wants organs gets Nick to find an organ donor to deliver him either hole or in parts.

Nick sets up a bomb that goes off in the face of the guy at his bingo hall.

Hailey wants to know if he killed people. She wants the truth, but she isn't going to get it from Nick. She rips his heart out when she says she wishes things could be the way they used to be. He wonders, you mean before me?

Nick tells Happy to blow him, and Happy complies. Sweet little thing.

It looked like Smoothie was going to skin a white bunny alive, but he dyed him pink, instead.

Amanda introduces Simon to Nick in a rather unsettling way.

While Blue is taking a crap, other inmates come in to beat the snot out of him. Maybe they kill him.

Hailey is at home, writing an essay for school. She takes all of the things that happened and makes them sound nice.

Inside her binder is a rabbit's foot. Pink.


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Happy! Season 2 Episode 2 Quotes

Wow. Cop, fucker of husbands not your own, real estate agent, and now psychotherapist? Is there anything you can't do?


Hailey: Have you ever been to AA?
Nick: I haven't had an avocado in years!