Happy in the Bath - Happy!
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A bunch of nuns are in a circle praying to Jesus Christ and bawling their eyes out.

there is a masked villain lurking nearby.

One of the nuns finally sees an opportunity to run, and run they all do!

They're all wearing bomb vests!!

They run to a nearby fair and trash the place. One of the nuns spots a purple glow in a trash can across a city street and heads toward it. Another runs with her, and there is an all-out brawl to get to it first.

Inside the glowing easter egg, yep, that's it, is a walky-talky. She pushes the switch and the women start exploding all over the place.

The woman who had turned off the switch was saved. Damn. That's rough.

Sax is sleeping. Happy is happily watching the alarm clock with excitement over the idea Sax is about to wake up.

Sax powders his dick, washes his pits, uses the hair dryer to dry and hits the streets.

He's at an AA meeting. Eating bear claws, drinking coffee.

The evolved zen master of his darker impulses leans on the window of the liquor store. He's so thirsty!

Happy notices Nick has been coming down with a cold for two months. Maybe a glass of OJ would do him well.

Nick has a little imaginative fun with the bike riders that are so utterly annoying on the streets. Lob the head of the biker with a chainsaw is what that little game is called.

Nick is enjoying the conversation with the other mothers while waiting for Hailey. But the teacher wants to talk with Nick. What??

He's not happy when she tries to discuss his career of driving a cab. She doesn't even know there are still cabs, wondering if he means Uber.

She wants to send Hailey to the Catholic School for Wayward Girls. Then Hailey admits she did it all -- broke windows, psychologically terrorized. 

Sonny Shine is at the Vatican all dolled up in Catholic Garb. He thinks Easter sucks. But he likes marshmallow peeps! He wants to rebrand Easter into a multi-trillion dollar holiday to rival Christmas.

The exploding nuns put Easter on the map for the first time in a long time. He wants the Pope on board.

Blue is riding high in Wyoming. Or, the Wyoming of his prisoned mind.

There's nothing like a waking up to a giant naked man shitting on the toilet while telling you that you were amazing last night.

Blue is somebody's bitch!

Amanda is at work while Sonny Shine plays on the TV in the background. She wants it off. When the doc won't do it, she leaves his side.

Nick doesn't do well when confronted by Amanda, but it's not his fault Hailey did all the bad things.

Amanda thinks maybe the new school is exactly what Hailey needs.

The two dumbass detectives are interrogating the remaining nun. She tells them the dude told them whoever found the egg would explode and all the others would be saved.

The masked figure in the opening scene was a bunny! With big biting teeth and long floppy ears. He had a pink bunny eye.

A fellow is lured into a room by the Bunny.

Merry is showing a house in which there was a triple homicide. Nick is upstairs bathing. He doesn't want Merry screwing up his good thing by selling the house.

Merry wonders if they really won after the last debacle. Merry thinks it was Sonny Shine behind it all, but Happy can't possibly imagine that.

Happy is dancing in front of the mirror when he notices he has armpit hair! What on earth does that mean?

Isabella is visiting Blue to harass him. The God of Death has been passing down from Scaramucci to Scaramucci. 

With Isabella dead, there will be no escape for the demon. The old lady kills the crap out of Isabella.

Nick is working and scaring the crap out of his passengers.

Bondage bunny man is following Nick.

Nick gets one of his passengers a prostitute. He heads inside with her when the guy asks her blood type. There isn't much going on for a "party," but she dutifully changes into a hospital dressing gown.

Happy notices it's a pretty funny party with the big bathtub full of ice and not sodas in it right next to the yellow guy.

Nick heads inside. They're going to take her liver!

Nick wants to use sensible adult techniques like discussion, negotiation, and compromise. 

A guy runs toward him and Nick impales him, sharing that more accidents happen in the workplace, and the dude will be fine.

Slipping and sliding on oil and blood makes for a funny fight scene.

Hailey is still having nightmares. Amanda assures her all of the bad guys have been locked up. The bondage bunny lurks outside.

Merry has a house full of photos and strings.

The poor bastard from the beginning is naked, ball-gagged, and caged.

It looks like Smoothie is the easter bunny. He's got the eyebrows for it!

He's not looking for revenge, he tells Sonny. He doesn't have a vengeful bone in his body. Yep, it's Smoothie

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Happy! Season 2 Episode 1 Quotes

Your imagination is a pretty effed up place to live, Nick. You know that, right?


This place is depressing, Nick. I'm so glad you've evolved and are such a total wizard zen master of your darker impulses.