Richard Kind of Harry's Law
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The episode opened with an old friend of Harry’s named Marty Slumach came to see Harry and asked her to help him on a case as his license was pulled for thirty days. It turned out that Marty was actually an old boyfriend of Harry.

Harry and Marty went to see the client, while Adam took a case from a transvestite named Amanda who was being fired because she had  an affair with the married owner of the club. 

Harry took the first chair for Marty, the District Attorney turned down Marty’s request for continuance for 30 days so the trial had to start the next day. Harry sent Malcolm and Damien out to find her client’s witness. 

Adam and Jenna went to watch Amanda sing, afterwards Adam wrote up a draft of the complaint he wanted to file and was called before the judge before he had even filed. She held a fact finding session and afterwards told him that she did not see any evidence that would allow the case he had to be moved forward and if he filed it would be at his own risk. Adam spoke with Amanda and told her it was most likely for the best.

After speaking with the witness, Harry realized that she had not been giving Marty her whole effort. During closing she laid it all on the line for the jury how she admired the work that Marty did and that the DA had not proven their case and the jury came back with a judgment of not guilty. 

Adam, Jenna, and Chunhua went to watch Amanda’s final show, as expected it was completely packed, while Harry let Marty know they it would not work out with his idea of them teaming up.

Harry's Law
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Harry's Law Season 1 Episode 10 Quotes

Marty: That's a respected lawyer there.
Doctor: That makes one of you.

Harry: Are we ok Marty?
Marty: Why wouldn't we be?
Harry: You told me to go to hell.
Marty: Well, it's not I won't be going there too; you know that better than anyone right?