Harry and Adam
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The episode opened with Harry and Tommy Jefferson having dinner discussing Harry’s current big case defending her client Lou Drummond who shot his business partner. Tommy advised her to try and get the D.A. to plea-bargain. She explained it was Josh Peyton who she beat twice before so he was not willing to deal.

While Harry started the trial for her big case, Adam attempted to tell Rachel that his feelings were clear and that he was still in love with her. Jenna helped him with how to break up with Chunhua so that he didn’t do it in a public place so she could yell if she needed too.

Harry finally broke down and asked D.A. Peyton about a plea-bargain; he was grumpy as ever since she waited until the trial started. He told her that he would come down one step that would give her client life instead of death. She declined.

While Adam laid it all on the line and told Chunhua how he really felt (or didn’t feel), Malcolm and Jenna were bantering back and forth because Malcolm was not following what Jenna thought was proper dating-etiquette and it made her a little crazy.

The jury went into deliberation and asked the Judge if any lesser sentence could be considered, Peyton flat refused. The jury came back with a “not guilty” verdict and Peyton flipped out and stripped in the court-room and ended up being arrested for contempt of court.

When Harry was telling Adam what happened to Peyton she expressed that she wanted to visit him. Rachel walked up at that time and Harry left to see Peyton. Rachel and Adam talked about the fact they both still had feelings but she was with someone and it was not going to change. Harry visited Peyton in jail where she learned he went by the nick-name “Puck” from when he played hockey.

Harry's Law
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Harry's Law Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

What? She will love you if she gets to know the real you? She got to know the real you, that's when she dumped you.


Jenna: Harry do you have an opinion on this?
Harry: No.
Jenna: Do you even care?
Harry: No.