At the Defense Table
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The episode opened with Puck bringing in a client Celia Vincent and her parents. Celia was being charged with a homicide for writing a snarky blog about a girl who committed suicide. 

Harry took the case and wrangled Ollie into helping her. Elsewhere, Tommy was being sued by the father of a man who Tommy accepted his life insurance claim as payment. The man died and the father wanted the funds. Adam offered to represent the father. 

Jenna told Harry she was leaving to go work in New York at her dream job. Harry at first didn’t want to let her leave, but eventually relented and supported her choice. The judge threw out Adams claim against Tommy. 

Harry went to trial with Celia against ADA Mendelsohn where Mendelsohn tried to make Celia the scape-goat for all the recent cyber-bullying and Harry pointed out that she isn't the reason the world is the way it is. In the end, the Jury found Celia not guilty of homicide. 

Harry's Law
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Harry's Law Season 2 Episode 4 Quotes

Cassie: There's nothing against the law for accepting a life insurance policy, it's just considered...
Adam: Beyond repugnant [looks at Tommy]
Tommy: BUG!

Adam: Tommy I don't know what to say.
Tommy: Then say good bye.